Icing Sugar

After making my own icing sugar, using fructose and corn flour, I am never going to buy powdered sugar again. This is really so easy to make, and means storing one less pantry item.

Icing Sugar
Icing Sugar
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I am the type of person who can handle most cuts and bruises. I have had some serious injuries along the way, and have handled treating all of them with ease. And when people close to me have lacerations I don’t mind being a wound nurse. I got a lot of practice with Maxine, our Boxer, when she injured her paw. And then a little more when Dave had a work related injury. So you would expect I could cope with the idea of my dog’s nail having been torn out. Well, you would be wrong! This morning while I was getting dressed she came limping towards me. All I saw was her claw at an impossible angle. And I could not think of how I would deal with this without taking her to the vet. The first thing I did was finish putting on my socks and shoes, as one does.

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After that I put my glasses on 🤣 which always helps. And then I opened the curtain to let some natural light into our bedroom. Molly was not complaining or crying as I lifted her onto my lap. I turned the bedside lamp on to take a closer and proper look. And immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Somehow, while licking her paws, she had crossed her one toe over the other. I uncrossed it and berated her, while being grateful that it was nothing serious!  I do know she had no clue what I was saying, but it felt good to talk to her about my near panic attack. Has your dog ever done something similar?

Icing Sugar


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Icing Sugar

Powdered sugar is seriously simple to make
Recipe Category: Dessert
Makes enough for: 1 batch icing sugar
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 225 g fructose
  • 15 mls corn flour


  • Place the fructose and corn flour into a blender and blitz until a fine powder forms
  • Store and use as needed
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11 thoughts on “Icing Sugar

  1. I am not good at handling “situations”. My first mode is panic!! Glad everything worked out for you and Maxine with her toe nail. I love the idea of making your own powdered sugar, but I am not sure I have ever seen or used fructose? How do they sell it?

    1. Fructose is sold in the health aisle of our local supermarkets, or with the baking ingredients. In packages similar to sugar.

  2. Too much of any sugar is a problem for many people, but the general consensus is that fructose is more damaging to health than regular sugar, which is sucrose. American recipes generally call for sucrose, and American powdered sugar is made of pulverized sugar (sucrose) and cornstarch, not fructose. This always confuses me in your recipes, as fructose is a very non-standard ingredient here.

    High-fructose corn syrup, in particular, is an item that many people avoid.

    best… mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. Hi Mae, thank you for the detailed comment. I am sucrose intolerant hence I need to use a substitute. I use fructose, and have done so for over 30 years will no ill side effects. I also use Xylitol. Is that available in America?

  3. Hi Tandy, I have had to do many medical procedures I didn’t expect to do. I learned how to unblock a catheter with a syringe when Greg had a series of ops as a lad. His bladder formed a sediment in reaction to the invasive tube and I had to learn to unblock it because he went into retention. I had to learn how to break glass ampules of adrenaline and give it to Greg because he got croup and went blue. I’ve tended many operational wounds with my sons and when my dad had a pulmonary embolism last year, I had to give him the injections of blood thinner into his stomach. Ug! I’m glad I didn’t become a doctor.

  4. I’d have had a heart attack seeing my (hypothetical) dog like that! Love your icing sugar. There are times I don’t have it and I’d rather make some than run too the store! I need to reduce my sugar intake so I’m going to be experimenting more with substitutions. RIght now I’m like allulose, we see erythritol here more than xylitol.

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