Liquorice Nuts

Looking for a snack to make for yourself? Or maybe something to serve with pre-dinner drinks? Look no further than these liquorice nuts. You will need liquorice powder for this recipe which should not be too hard to find in a good food store.

Liquorice Nuts
Liquorice Nuts
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When blog friends become real life friends

I started my blog in 2009 to write a review of a restaurant. We had a bad experience that I wanted to share. I knew nothing about blogging and used my recipe books’ name for my blog. But chose my own name for the URL! A few people commented on my post, and this prompted me to carry on posting. This meant sharing my daily life with all and sundry. Through my blog I met a local blogger who has become a true friend. We don’t see each other that often but I know I can call on her whenever I need to. She sent me this recipe for liquorice nuts. And as she had made the effort to share it with me, I followed the recipe. And all I can say is wow, these are amazing. Nearly as amazing as she is.

Nigella Lawson

If anyone embodies the true spirit of home cooking in style, it is Nigella Lawson. Best known as the domestic goddess, she makes entertaining look simple. Her website is in association with Ocado and her Living Kitchen cookware range has a value of 7 million Pounds! What I truly love about Nigella is that she will eat from the pot, sneak snacks out of the fridge. And make everyone feel like they can make each and every one of her recipes. Her background and education are evident in the way she speaks. But it is her use of words that can seduce anyone to entering the kitchen and conquering it. I can well imagine her serving these nuts to guests at an elegant drinks party. Or just eating the entire batch herself while watching TV. Which is exactly what I did after I made these.

Take a look at this inspiring recipe for ♥ Liquorice Nuts ♥ from Lavender and Lime #LavenderAndLime Share on X

Liquorice Nuts


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Liquorice Nuts

These are best served warm
Recipe Category: Snacks
Makes enough for: 1 batch nuts
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Nigella Lawson


  • 400 g raw mixed nuts
  • 30 g butter
  • 10 mls coconut sugar
  • 5 mls liquorice powder
  • 5 mls flaked salt, plus extra for finishing
  • 1 g fresh rosemary leaves, finely chopped, divided


  • Place the nuts into a large non stick frying pan and heat over a medium to low temperature until toasted
  • Remove and set aside, then add the butter to the pan and melt
  • Add the sugar and liquorice powder and stir to combine
  • Add the nuts and stir until well coated
  • Add the salt and most of the rosemary and stir to coat
  • Pour into a bowl, sprinkle the rest of the rosemary on top, as well as some flaked salt and serve warm
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12 thoughts on “Liquorice Nuts

  1. Hi Tandy, I’ve tried a few of Nigella’s recipes and some are quite good. These nuts sound delicious.

  2. I love Nigella! ‘How to eat’ is one of my fave cookbooks just to read. I guess our local bulk store may have liquorice powder. I remember seeing Nigella make a few liquorice recipes and thinking that was pretty amazing! cheers Sherry

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