GlassesShop Review

GlassesShop offered me a free pair of prescription glasses in exchange for a review. This offer was too good to pass up, as spectacles in South Africa are quite pricey. And the request came quite timeously as I needed new reading glasses.

GlassesShop Review


The company was founded in Michigan in 2004 with the aim to provide affordable glasses to everyone. They cut out the middle man meaning they can keep costs down. For my South African readers it is worth noting that they do not deliver to South Africa. However, they do deliver to the UK which meant I could get my glasses sent to where we were staying on holiday.

Shopping online

The process to buy glasses online is really simple, and all you need to hand is your prescription from an optometrist. First you choose your shape, then the colour and material followed by the size. I measured my current glasses to get an accurate size, as I knew I would not be able to try before I buy. This is the one downside to purchasing online, but GlassesShop have a system where you can ‘try’ the glasses on by taking a photograph of yourself. If you do not currently wear glasses, there is a facility to find your fit. After choosing the frame style, features (e.g. single vision, lightweight) and price range, a selection of glasses will be made for you.

Great Quality


From what came up, I chose the Dinah Cat Eye Black/Golden Eyeglasses. I selected my lens option then entered my prescription. As I only use these for reading at night, I did not choose any blue block options, but for computer / tablet use, I think this is a must. At this stage, if I were purchasing the glasses, I would have added them to my cart, and checked out.

Great quality

I am super impressed with both the quality of the case my reading glasses came in, and the frame itself. It was a pleasure to be able to read without straining my eyes. My glasses came with a cloth cleaner as well as a little pamphlet on how to adjust my glasses, and helpful hints. All glasses come with a 30-day free return and exchange as well as a 365-day warranty. If you would like to order your own pair and get 35% off, use the code LOVEGS

Perfect Fit

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  1. Tandy I am fascinated that you were offered a free pair of glasses in exchange for a review. How amazing. I wish that could happen to me, lol, I would love to know the process you went through. Nice glasses and nice review.

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