Chilli Oil

I have the most amazing chilli bush growing in my garden. It is a hybrid of cayenne chillies and birds eye chillies. Each year I get an abundance of chillies. And this chilli oil is a great way to make sure that the lovely harvest gets used up. These jars make lovely gifts and pantry items. Once the oil has infused I put it into a bottle with a pourer to make it easier to use. There are so many ways this oil can be used. Dave’s favourite is to add a few drops to scrambled eggs. I like it for a little bit of heat when making a pasta sauce. You can add the oil to soup for a little bit of zing. The trick is to use fresh, plump chillies. You need to make sure you remove the stalks as these can cause the oil to go rancid.

Tom Kha With Chilli Oil
Tom Kha With Chilli Oil
How to make

Try and not pierce the flesh when you remove the stalks. The longer you leave the chillies to infuse, the hotter the oil will be. I have a bottle on the go at all times and just top up the oil when the heat gets to much for me.

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Chilli Oil

Recipe Category: Condiments
Makes enough for: 1 batch oil
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  • 300 mls olive oil
  • 10 red chillies
  • 5 mls cumin seeds
  • 5 mls fennel seeds
  • 1 sprig fresh rosemary


  • heat the olive oil in a pan over a moderate heat until warm
  • add the cumin and fennel seeds and remove from the heat
  • place the chillies and the rosemary into a sterilized glass jar
  • allow to infuse for a few days before using

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