Cabbage Salad

I am submitting this recipe for cabbage salad to Scintillating Salads, which is the theme for Monthly Mingle, being hosted this month by Divya.

I love the crunch of fresh, raw cabbage, but I would never consider cooking with this vegetable. That is not to say that cabbage cannot be cooked, it is just not my choice. When I was in Johannesburg to meet my new niece, my mother made Friday night supper and her meal included this lovely salad. In fact, her other guest for the evening requested that she make it. I so enjoyed this crunchy salad that I had more that one helping, and I asked her for the recipe. The one I have here is what I made but all credit must go to my mom for this.

Cabbage Salad
Cabbage Salad

On looking back at my blog while editing old posts I can cringe at my photographs. They really do not do justice to this recipe. And I know that making this again would be really easy to do, and we would enjoy it. But it is all about time. And often when I am editing, time is the one thing I am most short of.

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Cabbage Salad

Recipe Category: Salad
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 2 small cabbages, finely shredded
  • 4 spring onions, finely chopeed
  • 15 mls oil
  • 85 g 2-minute noodles, brojen up into small pieces
  • 100 g slithered almonds
  • 60 mls sunflower seeds
  • 60 mls pumpkin seeds

for the dressing

  • 60 mls white wine vinegar
  • 125 mls canola oil
  • 60 mls fructose
  • 15 mls soy sauce
  • salt and freshly ground black pepper to season


  • fry the noodles, almonds and seeds in the oil until they are golden
  • remove from the pan and allow to cool on some paper towel
  • mix up the dressing
  • toss the noodles, nuts and seeds together with the cabbage and the spring onions
  • add the dressing to the salad just before serving


• you can substitute the seeds for your choice of seed mix
• if you don’t like raw onions in your salad then add the spring onions to your dressing
• if you think you are going to have left over’s then rather dress the salad after serving as this is not good the day after if it has been dressed!

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19 thoughts on “Cabbage Salad

  1. Ah you did it! A cabbage recipe that I would consider eating – I think I’ve fallen into the same boat as you – I just shouldn’t try cooking it…

  2. Sounds like it could be a complete dish for a light lunch. I assumed the noodles are boiled before they are fried?

  3. Wow what an original cabbage salad- Moms are the bestest!
    Pete said I should have done a cabbage salad for the challenge.
    🙂 Mandy

  4. Looks good…what are two minute noodles? Chinese rice noodles? egg noodles?

    You’re missing out on cabbage! But maybe it depends which cabbage. I often cook spring or early autumn cabbages (loose leaved, not the tight ones) You just need to slice finely and cook it very quickly so that it keeps its crunch and add butter and lots of black pepper. Or slow baked stuffed Savoy cabbage melting into seasoned, herbed sausage meat. Or slow cooked and creamy with a guinea fowl or partridges… (better go and have breakfast!) Lots of French country food uses cabbages. And all those pak choi or bok choi when I can get them are wonderfully fresh vegetables…

    1. thanks for all the lovely ideas! Two minute noodles are a pre packaged quick meal – basically just add water and the seasoning mix type of thing! I am sure they are available at all supermarkets but I would not buy them for anything BUT this salad 🙂

  5. YUMMY! This is a very different salad. Will have to try it sometime. Thanx for sharing. Do you break the noodles smallish before frying them? Them almonds slithered right off your plate hey? Teehee. Love you xx PS I am not a cabbage!! PPS I love cooked cabbage but it has to be only just wilted really in salted water with nutmeg, still green, crunchy and yummilicious with butter and a bit of freshly ground white peppercorns. I’m definitely not a cabbage……but I might be quite old 🙂 xx

    1. hello cabbage, sorry, Colly! Thanks for the recipe ideas – and yes, you need to break up the noodles. Was too upset last night about Maxi that I did not read the recipe through! Love you too xxx

  6. What a nice salad. I’ve not seen anything like it recently. I’ll have to give it a try. I hope you have a great day. Blessings…Mary

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