I did not think that there was a need for a popcorn recipe! But, the packet that I bought did not give me any hint on how to pop the corn. And I was a bit clueless having only ever made it in the microwave. I have always been a label reader due to being sucrose intolerant but some things I just didn’t bother worrying about. That is, until I started my graduate course in nutrition. Now I am reading labels to see how much sodium is in the ready to go products I buy, not that there are many. Until I braved up and bought corn kernels to pop I never thought to look at what goes in to microwave popcorn.

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With one box left in the pantry and a craving taking place I decided to use the last box instead of making it from scratch, which is easy to do by the way! The ingredients listed are popcorn, vegetable oil (palm fruit), salt, flavouring (maltodextrin, modified starch, emulsifier, acidity regulator, preservative [potassium sorbate], BHA [Butylated hydroxyanisole], BHT [Butylated hydroxytoluene]). The nutritional value for a 50g serving of microwave box popcorn is: 199 calories, 5.2g protein, 25g carbohydrates, 7.5g fat, 4.7g dietary fibre and a whopping 209mg of sodium. Without the addition of any flavourings to the popcorn I made from scratch, the nutrition values are as follows : 194 calories, 6.5g protein, 39g carbohydrates, 2.3g fat, 7.2g dietary fibre and 4mg of sodium. You will see that the biggest difference here is the sodium.

Are you interested in the nutritional values of what you eat?

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  • 15 mls canola oil
  • 50 g popcorn kernels


  • Place the oil into a medium size pot that has a lid on a high heat
  • When the oil is hot, place the popcorn kernels into the pot in a single layer
  • Put the lid on and as soon as it start popping, turn the heat off
  • Take off the stove as soon as you can see that most of the kernels have popped or if you don't have a glass lid, when the popping slows down
  • Wait for 30 seconds and then give the pot a good shake
  • Season straight away


I like to season my popcorn with Parmesan cheese and salt.

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22 thoughts on “Popcorn

  1. I would never have thought to make my own popcorn, like you, always went with the prepackaged jobs. In recent months I have started reading the packets to see just what I am putting into my body, I am pretty good for the most part, wish the ingredients listed on the side of Caramello ice-cream frightened me so much I wouldn’t eat so much of the stuff. 🙂

  2. Thank you for this info, I was horrified at the amount of additives in these packets and will make our popcorn from scratch, I would rather wash a pot than put this in our systems!!

  3. Pete’s children used to buy those microwave popcorn’s – they made the kitchen and microwave smell horrible and the smell would hang around for the longest time. I have always made my own, the good old fashioned way in a pot with a little oil – won’t tell you about the copious amounts of salt I throw at it though.
    Have a wonderful day Tandy.
    🙂 Mandy xo

    1. Mark once burnt popcorn in the microwave – I made Dave bring it to work as I could not stand the smell in the house 🙂

  4. I used to know every value of every food. Now, I just try to forget all about it and just enjoy it!
    Nice popcorn!

    ela h.

  5. HI Tandy, my doctor advised me several years ago not to eat anything over 400mg salt, with that in mind there are very few processed foods I can eat. Great post!

  6. My parents made popcorn every single night of the first five years of their marriage. It’s a family tradition, to say the least!

  7. Yes, I am interested in the nutritional facts and values of what I eat. But I am also interested in what my palate dictates, LOL! Who doesn’t like popcorns? Your photo is a like a giant tempter :).

    Gourmet Getaways

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