Toilet Bombs

When my friend Bernice shared an idea to make toilet bombs I could not resist giving them a go myself. They are really easy to make, and clean the loo perfectly. Now, you may be wondering why a food blogger would share this ‘recipe’. But, this is a fun thing to make at home that has a practical application as well.

Toilet Bombs
Toilet Bombs
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I am always on the lookout for great ideas to keep Hannah occupied. And to help her feel independant. At our house she has her own section of a drawer which has treats in it that are just for her. She knows this, and will open it up to see what she feels like snacking on. She loves to nibble all the time, and will ask for matzah or crackers and sometime dried figs. If I were responsible for packing her school lunches I think I would get her involved in the process. She is quite a fussy eater, preferring pasta with no sauce, and a particular selection of vegetables. However, she seems to eat all fruit, and loves cheese. We do encourage her to try everything which is quite interesting when it comes to baking. Then she wants to try each ingredient as it goes into the mixing bowl.

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The other day I asked her for her input into what we would snack on. This was a new word for her, and a concept she did not quite grasp. But with her help I got a snack platter together. We tend to eat weekend lunches this way. A platter full of different things to nibble on, until we feel full enough. When Hannah is with us the meal will end in a treat. She is easily satisfied, and will take great pleasure in drawing faces onto marshmallows before eating them. She will also spend time quite happily by herself colouring in, or doing a puzzle on the iPad. My next quest for her will be to leave her with cookies to ice and decorate. I don’t mind how much mess she makes, as long as she has fun. Do you have any great ideas to keep a toddler busy?

Toilet Bombs


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Toilet Bombs

Use any essential oil you have at home to make these
Course: other
Yield: 1 batch toilet bombs
Author: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • water in a spray bottle


  • 260 g bicarbonate of soda
  • 40 g citric acid
  • 10 g borax
  • 30 drops essential oil


  • Place the bicarbonate of soda, citric acid and borax into a mixing bowl
  • Mix to combine then add the essential oil and stir in
  • Spray water onto the mixture until it clumps together so you can mould it
  • Place into a silicone mould and set aside to completely dry
  • Place one toilet bomb into the toilet pan and leave to fizz away before flushing
  • Store what you don't use in a ziploc bag and use as needed
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  1. I’ve got all the ingredients and love this idea. I’m a food blogger but also sometimes like to share something a little different. Wish I had some toddler suggestions but its been too long . The grand daughters are teens!

  2. Tandy what a great idea, I’ll give this a go when I get a chance. Just to let you know, I tried three times to send a comment yesterday from my phone, and word press balked me at every stage. I just couldn’t do anything right.So I won’t try anymore phone commenting. I wonder why that is though.Sometimes it’s just so convenient to be able to comment from the phone. Hope you receive this one.

    1. Hi, this one was spammed which luckily I saw! And I am not sure why the phone would not take the comment. I am working on the AMP at present so I wonder if it was that? Thank you for your perseverance.

  3. I love this idea! I actually buy baking soda by the pound to use when I boil bagels. No ideas on toddler activities–still waiting for those grand kids, though my married daughter is likely moving from 350 miles away to 2000 away 🙁

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