Rooibos And Lavender Tea Sorbet

Making best use of a gift, I made this rooibos and lavender tea sorbet. It would work perfectly as a palate cleanser.

When we were younger my parents would often treat us to a silver service dinner. This was always at the top of the Carlton Hotel in Johannesburg, and always to celebrate something special. I can remember that between the starters and the main course, we were given a spoonful of sorbet, to cleanse the palate. This sorbet cleanser has been served on many occasions, not only at silver service dinners. It somehow makes me feel ‘grown up’. A few years ago we went to Waterkloof for dinner and we got an amuse dessert to whet our appetites for the course we had ordered. It got me thinking, why not a sweet sorbet to cleanse the palate between the main course and dessert? This sorbet has a unique flavour of our local red bush tea, and whereas I could really taste the tea, Dave could really taste the honey. You can substitute any tea of your choice to make this sorbet – and you really only need a few spoonful’s as an amuse, or have a huge bowl for dessert itself.

Rooibos And Lavender Tea Sorbet
Rooibos and Lavender Tea Sorbet
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Rooibos and Lavender Tea Sorbet

Recipe Category: Dessert
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Krups Ice Cream Maker Recipe Book page 29


  • 500 mls water
  • 45 mls rooibos and lavender tea
  • 50 g honey
  • 150 g fructose


  • bring the water to the boil and allow the tea to infuse for 3 hours
  • add the honey and the fructose
  • chill the mixture in the fridge overnight
  • churn in your ice cream maker

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48 thoughts on “Rooibos And Lavender Tea Sorbet

  1. We used to have breakfast at the Carlton, my son loved it because they always gave children a little boxed chocolate animal, that was THE place back then.

  2. Really love photo! My first taste of rooibos tea was just the other day, if you can believe it!? And I was smitten… this would be such a lovely “amuse” recipe to try!

  3. What a lovely memory, and what a stunning photo! I really enjoy sorbets and we can actually get rooibos tea here (although I still don´t know how to pronounce it!) so will be giving this one a go next time I can buy some.

  4. You are making me tempted to purchase an ice cream maker. This sounds so refreshing. Have you ever eaten or had tea at a TWG’s? You would love all the tea recipes and desserts made out of tea. Of course with my last visit I had a Lavender hua cha. It turned a lovely pink when the lavender flower opened in the clear glass tea pot. It made me think of you and your cooking blog, Lavender and Lime. Take care, BAM

    1. thanks BAM, I have been to a tea place in Australia (cannot remember the name). I have some lovely flower teas and one that opens when you pour hot water over it – I shall think of you next time I have a cup 🙂

  5. Oh this sounds absolutely wonderful. I have a fair amount of lavender left from the wedding, so I might just try this one!!!

  6. Those little sorbets between courses are always fun. The few I’ve had in recent memory have always been really alcoholic (usually calvados) and while there’s nothing wrong with that, I love the idea of a tea-based sorbet.

  7. That looks and sounds sensational – perfect for a hot afternoon! I never think to use my ice cream maker for things like this. Must rectify that!

  8. 5 stars
    I recently discovered red tea & wow!
    What a difference it has made to my health.
    I feel 20 years younger.
    It’s so worth detoxing with red tea, you’ll feel amazing 🙂

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