Barbecue Sauce | Made With Pantry Ingredients

When I was first diagnosed as being sucrose intolerant cutting sugar out of my diet was easy. I read the labels of everything in my fridge and pantry and threw out all the food I could no longer eat. Since then I have become a label reader. I had to toss my favourite provitas and forego desserts. Something my sweet tooth has never adjusted to totally. After a few months of this I once again had a weight loss problem and I consulted with a nutritionist at the Diabetic Association. She told me to trust my taste buds and to not eat anything that tasted too sweet. As I have grown older, my intolerance is not so bad and it is controlled by the intake of chromium. But, I never push it unless I am ordering dessert in a restaurant. So, I do not buy bottled sauces and prepared products. For my meatloaf recipe I had to make my own barbecue sauce and without looking for a recipe I just made one up. Not sure if it tastes like the real thing as I have never tasted bottled Barbecue Sauce but it worked well in this recipe, which is what mattered to me.

Barbecue Sauce
Barbecue Sauce

Barbecue Sauce

Recipe Category: Sauces
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 60 mls ketchup
  • 15 mls Worcestershire sauce
  • 2 drops Tabasco
  • 5 mls soy sauce


  • mix the ingredients together to combine

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38 thoughts on “Barbecue Sauce | Made With Pantry Ingredients

  1. Shame Tandy, it must be quite a task to always read labels and it seems there is “hidden” sugar in so many things now days. Your BBQ sauce sound great.
    😉 Mandy

    1. I don’t mind reading labels, but I do mind when they change the ingredients in a product I have been using for years and add sugar 🙂

  2. Must be tough – and as you mention it must be annoying when brands change their ingredients. This sounds like a great tasting bbq sauce though!

  3. Sounds right to me – no need for sugar in a sauce like that. It’s good you haven’t tasted the manufactured product, as you now know how its meant to taste, not how it should taste with a shelf life of 100yrs and aimed at people whose palates have long ago been dissolved in Coca Cola.

  4. Your sauce looks a good consistency, funnily enough, I have just made a sauce as well and I also photographed in a little white bowl…..greats minds and all that. My sauce isn’t barbecue though. Have a good weekend.

  5. I love BBQ sauce! Is the sugar in ketchup not an issue? I always have a hard time finding non-high fructose corn syrup ketchup (yup, I’m a label-reader too, I want real ingredients in my food!)

    1. I can sometimes find a sugar free ketchup but as soon as the bottle I have is finished I will make my own and post the recipe 🙂

      1. A recipe for homemade ketchup? Oh my gosh, I will love you forever when this is posted! I am obsessed with ketchup, but I know the store stuff is filled with such junk, I’d love a homemade version where I know just what’s in it!

  6. This sounds like a great topping for meatloaf. I can’t believe that sugar is put in so many processed food items. Would you believe that there is added sugar in some canned beans. Not beans that have a sauce or anything…just plain canned beans.

    1. I cannot fathom why they would add sugar to canned beans, as the brine is a preserving agent! Seems like madness to me 🙂

  7. I cant believe the things they put in our food now. My husband is diabetic and we are always mindful of what he eats and thanks to blogs like yours, I get new ideas on what to make for dinner. I also prefer making my own sauces and use a lot of paprika and pepper flakes bec my husband loves it. Great blog, I really enjoyed reading your posts and recipes.

  8. Looks good to me, I don’t tend to eat ready made barbecue sauces as I find they’re a touch too sweet for my palate even if I can eat sugar I’m not a massive fan.

    Love your blog


    Mr Bunny Chow

  9. This sounds great Tandy. Makes me wonder wy would we bother to buy it when its so simple to make ! And so much better without all the extra salt and sugar in commerical varieties. Will definitely give this a try.

    1. I so agree, there is so much ‘junk’ and funny e numbers etc. in commercial products – please let me know what you think of the sauce if you try make it 🙂

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