Sauerkraut is fermented cabbage with a unique sour flavour. This recipe for The Food In Jars Mastery Challenge has been given to me by my friend Sandy.

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Sometimes I will get a bee in my bonnet and cannot let go of the idea. I decided after our trip to Italy and France that I needed a new make up bag. I wanted one that opened like an old-fashioned pencil-case. The one I have now is an ordinary travel bag. This means that every time I want something out of it, I have to take everything out. Or scratch around looking for what I want. I also wanted my make up brushes to be protected. The bristles are getting damaged because the brushes are loose in the bag. I set about finding a suitable case for the make up, and looked for travelling make up brushes. This took me in and out of so many shops on a constant basis. Four months of searching and I had not found anything suitable.

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I was getting most frustrated as I did not want to go to the UK with my old bag. About two weeks before our trip I was looking for something on my desk at home. At present it is a repository for all the things I have to sort out. And it is a right royal mess. This is the one spot in my house that is totally untidy. And on the desk was exactly what I was looking for. It is a travelling bag from one of the airlines. Shaped exactly like an old-fashioned pencil-case, and with a separate compartment for my brushes. A total win for me! Another win for me has been this recipe for sauerkraut. I think that this fermented cabbage is an integral ingredient in the perfect hotdog, together with mustard and mayonnaise. Do you add sauerkraut to your hotdog buns?


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This fermented cabbage is a traditional German side dish
Recipe Category: Side Dish
Makes enough for: 1 batch sauerkraut
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Gut Matters


  • 600 g large cabbage
  • 15 mls salt
  • 10 mls caraway seeds
  • 15 mls juniper berries


  • Sterilize a 1.5 litre preserving jar that has an airlock lid
  • Remove the two outer leaves from the cabbage, wash and set aside
  • Finely shred the remainder of the cabbage and place into a large bowl
  • Add the salt, caraway seeds and juniper berries
  • Massage the cabbage for 10 minutes and make sure you toss as you rub to rotate the cabbage
  • This stage is important to release the liquid from the cabbage so don’t short cut it
  • Place the cabbage into the jar, pressing firmly down with each addition to remove any air pockets
  • Add the juices that were released from the cabbage and top up with filtered water if necessary - it is important that the cabbage is totally submerged
  • Fold the two cabbage leaves you set aside and place on top of the cabbage to help keep the cabbage in the juices
  • Close the lid and place the jar into a bowl and store in a cool cupboard away from direct sunlight for 8 days *
  • Then refrigerate for 9 months unopened, or 2 months opened


* you might have to extend this by a week to 15 days if the cabbage does not ferment.
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  1. 5 stars
    I’m the same Tandy, I get really focused on something if I want it. I am really fussy when it comes to my make up particularly when travelling. It’s funny how simple things can make such a difference when it comes to convenience.

  2. Hi Tandy! Dropping by to say thank you for sharing this. It is so delicious. We have this as a staple at home. It is a great side dish.

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