Pickled Plum Sorbet Inspired By Tom Kitchin

After I made the pickled plums to review Tom Kitchin’s recipe book and the plums were devoured, I was left with the most amazing tart juice. I do not like anything to go to waste and so I decided to create a sorbet by adding the juice to some simple syrup. This resulted in the most refreshing pickled plum sorbet and needless to say, it did not last long in the summer. Plums are going to be in season again soon and I have every intention of making both the pickled plums and the sorbet.

Blackcurrant and Vodka Sorbet, Pickled Plum Sorbet, Granadilla Sorbet
Blackcurrant and Vodka Sorbet, Pickled Plum Sorbet, Granadilla Sorbet
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Pickled Plum Sorbet



  • Mix the pickled plum juice and the sugar syrup really well
  • Churn in your ice cream maker until thick
  • Leave to freeze

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23 thoughts on “Pickled Plum Sorbet Inspired By Tom Kitchin

  1. I’m so delighted with this idea, Tandy, because I just juiced a BUNCH of plums and was wondering what I would do with all that juice. 🙂 This is an excellent idea. 🙂

  2. All three look and sound gorgeous! But I have to say, the idea of the pickled plum sorbet sound especially enticing and distinctive. I’m imagining it, too, as a syrup for roast pork, a side accompaniment to salmon, and any number of other spectacular combinations where plums (particularly amped up in this artful fashion of yours) would be the perfect complement. Fantastic recipe, Tandy!

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