Speculoos Spread

The real reason I made speculaas biscuits is I wanted to make speculoos spread. I have never tasted the ‘real deal’ but I can tell you this tastes amazing. Perfect just for dipping a spoon into the jar and eating it plain.

Speculoos Spread
Speculoos Spread
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A friend recently posted a question on FaceBook asking for the best seats for a single traveller. One of the people she asked for assistance was me. I read all the different opinions before replying. Most were given by people who travel as a couple. I for one know that my travel choices are completely different when I fly with Dave. When we fly together we prefer a duo seat. We pay extra for this when we book, ensuring we get the actual seats we prefer. On the Boing 777-300ER we choose the first set of two seats right behind a row of three. That gives Dave slightly more leg room when he sits on the aisle seat. For landing and take-off he prefers the window. But I sleep on a flight and he doesn’t, so we swap seats at bed time.

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As I sleep on my right hand side we choose seats on the right of the plane. If we are lucky enough to fly on the Airbus A380 we choose to sit upstairs in row 89. Some planes do not have the duo seat option and if so, we choose the first row of 3 in the middle so that we do not disturb anyone when we get up from our seats. With this option we also will not be disturbed. If I am travelling alone I try and get the window seat in the emergency exit row. I don’t make use of the television screen so the fact that it is in the seat itself and not in front of me makes no difference. The extra leg room means that I can get up and move around when I choose to. I have only on one occasion had someone so tall next to me I have had to climb over their legs. If this seat is not an option I choose the middle row, aisle seat in the hope a family flies next to me and will let me sleep.

Scones With Speculoos Spread

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Speculoos Spread

This is a simple, two ingredient recipe, easy to make anytime!
Recipe Category: Sweets
All Rights Reserved: an original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • Place the biscuits and condensed coconut milk into a blender
  • Blend until smooth
  • Transfer to a sterilized glass jar


You can use any cookies you have at home, and ordinary condensed milk if you desire.
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime March 27:

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28 thoughts on “Speculoos Spread

  1. Speculoos with a spoon! 🙂 I just wish I slept on planes. I envy people who can. Living in Australia means you can go without sleep for 23 hours when going to Europe-too long but can’t do much about it.

  2. OOOh I would definitely be eating this with a spoon, too!!

    I always prefer an aisle seat because I HATE having to wake people up if I need to use the restroom 🙂

  3. I’m not sure why this is called a “spread” as It’s clearly designed to be eaten in front of the television, with a spoon, preferably without having to share! 😉

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