Black Sesame Ice Cream

I hid the black sesame ice cream so well that I forgot about it. But on a seriously hot day I combined it with all the other ice creams in my freezer and made the most divine milkshake.

Apple Tarte Tatin With Black Sesame Ice Cream
Apple Tarte Tatin With Black Sesame Ice Cream
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For some people, and most companies, financial year end is a one day saga. But for me it is like a play with numerous acts. Before I can do anything I need to close off my company books. This never happens on the last day of the month as the bank doesn’t play ball. I have to wait for the monthly bank fees to be charged before I can print the statement. And that means waiting until the first working day of the month. Financial year end is a bit tricky as my VAT payment overlaps the old year and the new one. So I have to print interim reports so that the auditor knows what is going on. This year I managed to get nil balances on my credit cards so that is one less complication down the road. Next in line is the rental property.

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Another waiting game while the bank sorts out the bond statement. And lots of capturing on that side as I only do the account bi-yearly. I also have to wait for municipal accounts and the rental payment. The City Of Cape Town is very good at getting their accounts sent out by the 2nd. Once I have worked out what is what for our property I pay attention to my personal tax. This feels like a paper collection and writing session. Everything for the auditor needs to be printed out. And explanations written about our accounts. This year my year end took an entire week. I collected everything I needed, printed out a tree of papers and made copious notes. Mostly because my auditor will not get to my envelope for another 11 months, and by that time I will have forgotten what was going on.

Apricot Clafoutis With Black Sesame Ice Cream
Apricot Clafoutis With Black Sesame Ice Cream

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Black Sesame Ice Cream

You might need to make your own black sesame paste to make this recipe
Recipe Category: Dessert
Makes enough for: 1 batch ice cream
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime



  • Place the cream into a stand mixer bowl and whisk to soft peaks
  • Place the egg yolks and sugar into a mixing bowl and whisk until ribbon stage
  • Place the milk and sesame paste into a small sauce pan and heat over a low to medium temperature
  • Stir occasionally and when the milk reaches 60° Celsius pour into the bowl with the eggs
  • Whisk while you are doing so and when combined, pour into the cream
  • Whisk to combine then cover and place into the fridge overnight
  • The following morning whisk the ingredients to make sure they are combined
  • Then pour into an ice cream churner and churn as per the manufacturers' instructions
  • Pour into a lidded freezer proof container and freeze for at least 4 hours before serving
  • Remove from the freezer to defrost a little before using
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime April 2:

Do you do a financial year end for yourself and/or a company?

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8 thoughts on “Black Sesame Ice Cream

  1. never heard of black sesame ice cream, but I wouldn’t mind trying some!

    and year end is never fun for business owners. and I’m surprised it takes your auditor 11 months to look at you material!

  2. I have only ever made ice cream once, Tandy, and it wasn’t a huge success so I haven’t tried again. I don’t know any companies who only take one day for year end. I would say a week is about normal for a small company. The big ones can take months.

  3. Well this sounds very interesting ice cream. Must have a slightly nutty taste? So April is tax time? We do ours from july to October.

    1. It is very similar to tahini in a way. Most companies close off their books at the end of February, but you can choose June as your financial year end. Personal tax is done twice a year.

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