3 Days to Live, James Patterson

3 Days to Live opening lines: My life felt like a dream. I guess that happens when you elope, hop on a plane, drift off to sleep, and wake up in a foreign country.

3 Days to Live

My blurb:

Samantha Bell is a former CIA agent, who gave up her job to marry Kevin Drexel. But all she learnt in her previous life has to come into play when Kevin is murdered. On the surface it appears that his being killed was only a matter of wrong place, wrong time. But with 3 days to live, Samantha is going to learn just how incorrect her assumptions were.

3 Days to Live
A CIA-agent bride is on her European honeymoon when she and her husband are poisoned – leaving her seventy-two hours to take revenge.
Women and Children First
When a deal goes bad on a tech executive in Washington, DC, he turns an order to kill his family into a chance to relive his military glory days.
The Housekeepers
A Los Angeles doctor trusts her two housekeepers, but when she’s murdered in a botched attempt to steal drugs, the pair of grifters vie to control their former employer’s estate – facing off against the Russian mob.
My verdict:

I thought that both 3 Days To Live, and Women And Children First were well written. The Housekeepers did not live up to its blurb, or my usual expectations of novels written under the James Patterson banner.

About the author:

JAMES PATTERSON is one of the best-known and biggest-selling writers of all time. His books have sold in excess of 300 million copies worldwide and he has been the most borrowed author in UK libraries for the past nine years in a row.

He is the author of some of the most popular series of the past two decades – the Alex Cross, Women’s Murder Club, Detective Michael Bennett and Private novels – and he has written many other number one bestsellers including romance novels and stand-alone thrillers.

James is passionate about encouraging children to read. Inspired by his own son who was a reluctant reader, he also writes a range of books for young readers including the Middle School, I Funny, Treasure Hunters, House of Robots, Confessions, and Maximum Ride series. James is the proud sponsor of the World Book Day Award and has donated millions in grants to independent bookshops. He lives in Florida with his wife and son.
Publishing information:
ISBN 9781529158533
Format Paperback
Published February 2023

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this novel to review.

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