Recipe For Truffles Using Amarula

Some time back I received a lovely gift box from Lindt, full of all sorts of goodies. I had already decided I wanted to do a course at their chocolate studio, and now I am determined I will be saving up to do one soon. The box contained macaroons– way better than the ones I made; chocolate brownies that were not nearly as good as mine, and some truffles.

lindt chocolate gift
lindt chocolate gift

After Dave devoured the contents I went and bought some of the Lindt Excellence: A Touch of Sea Salt and it sat in the cupboard waiting for me to do something with it. I decided to make a chocolate mousse, but that failed and so I made truffles. This is not the same recipe as appears in Lavender & Lime as the chocolate is softer to work with and so easier to pipe than hand mould.


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  • 100g Lindt Excellence: A Touch of Sea Salt
  • 250mls thick cream
  • 15mls Amarula, or the liqueur of your choice
  • cocoa powder for dusting
  1. using a double boiler, melt the chocolate
  2. whip the cream until stiff
  3. pour in the melted chocolate and use a spatula to mix thoroughly
  4. place in the fridge to cool
  5. remove and add the liqueur and mix in until soft
  6. place into a piping bag and pipe
  7. using a tea strainer lightly coat the truffles with the cacao

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10 thoughts on “Recipe For Truffles Using Amarula

  1. Delish.. but I need to get my will power working now.. I’ve put on too much weight… running away from your pictures now :P~~

    1. sorry! there are still some left as I forgot to give them to Nico last night at the quiz (good items for bribery and corruption)

  2. Dave would shake his head at me; I have a box of handmade truffles (a gift last Christmas) that is sitting untouched on my coffee table. Not my thing at all. *makes note to give them to Side View tonight*

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