Courgette Velouté Topped With Crispy Prosciutto

I fancied up this Courgette Velouté by adding crispy prosciutto to it. This is really a simple and easy recipe that is certain to impress.

Courgette Velouté

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The weekend after cleaning out the freezer I tackled the fridge in the scullery. This is our daily use fridge but somehow I still managed to accumulate jars of stuff. In one jar I found a lone jalapeño pepper. In fact, it had the bottom half cut off. Which means at some stage Dave used some of it as I avoid them at all times. I am not that phased about best before and use by dates. First I open the jar and make sure nothing is growing on top of the contents. After that I do the sniff test. Unless it is cream, then I get Dave to check for me. The smell of sour milk makes me want to be ill. If something looks OK to use it I will go ahead and do so.

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For the most part I am really good at using up what is in this fridge. I have constant daily reminders and very seldom have to throw anything away. I will come up with innovative ways to use left overs or send them to work with Dave for his lunch. December was chaotic and after making my noodle salad, I had all the inners of the courgettes left over. The children were coming to us for Boxing Day dinner and I decided to make a courgette velouté topped with a crispy slice of prosciutto. I wanted something simple and easy to do so that I could concentrate on our grandchild and spending time with her before she went to sleep.
Courgette Velouté

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Courgette Velouté

This is a simple recipe that will be sure to impress
Recipe Category: Soup
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  • 15 g butter
  • 15 g flour
  • 375 mls vegetable stock
  • 335 g courgettes thickly sliced
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to season
  • 125 mls water to thin


  • Place the butter into a sauce pan and melt over a medium temperature
  • Stir in the flour and cook for 1 minute
  • Slowly whisk in the stock and once combined, add the courgettes
  • Season to taste and leave to simmer until the courgettes are soft
  • Set aside to cool before blending
  • Thin with the water and reheat
  • Adjust the seasoning before serving


Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime March 1:

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21 thoughts on “Courgette Velouté Topped With Crispy Prosciutto

  1. You are right, this recipe would make a great impression and be a stupendous appetizer! And I don’t fuss over “best before and use by dates either” I just taste it…okay make Tom taste it and if it passes the test, use it! Last night I used cream that had “expired” a month ago in a recipe, but it tasted just fine. Why waste? And I do love how you use words like courgette and scullery. Makes me smile =)

  2. Nothing like a clean fridge. Someone in our house is notorious for leaving one pickle, pepper or olive in a jar and returning it to the fridge. I think it’s a Swedish cultural thing. You never take the last of anything. Great use of the zucchini and I love crisp Prosciutto.

  3. Not the season now, but pretty soon I’ll be looking for new recipes for courgettes! Love the prosciutto on top! (And I think I’d be embarrassed to show you our refrigerator 🙁 )

  4. Lovely recipe and, I too love the flavour of zucchini/courgette and prosciutto… yum! I try not to waste anything, but sometimes the worms in my worm farm get a treat if something looks a bit too far gone to save.

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