Grapefruit Curd

I am submitting this recipe for Grapefruit Curd to Simple & In Season which is being hosted this month by Sally who blogs over at My Custard Pie.

In 2001 Dave brought home the sweetest, cutest puppy and we named her Patch. What we should have named her was Houdini, given how often she escapes from the house. She started this habit when someone broke a panel off our wooden gate. She spent the night on someone else’s couch and loved it! We repaired the gate and shortly after moved home and so we ‘puppy’ proofed the new place by putting in a metal gate. However, she found gaps in the fence between us and the neighbour and as she found one, and we ‘patched’ it up, she found another. Our next move curbed her houdini tricks as she could only escape if someone let her out the gate! Our final move was in 2005 and since then we have spent a lot of time preventing her from running away. The metal gate from the first move was used for the pedestrian gate and every other piece of fencing and the drive way gate was created to prevent her escaping. For a long time, the only way she got out was if someone let her. And then we got a puppy. Molly could fit through the gate gaps and so we fenced them up. And Patch learnt to climb the fenced bits and head out through the top gaps. For 4 years we have chased our tales preventing her from escaping. The penultimate idea was to create a sign across the gate which would give her no purchase. On Saturday night we were sitting at a friend, watching the rugby and in walked Patch! She always runs straight to Nico – a good 2 kilometres away from us, and over a main road. To remedy this we have had a new gate made. The gaps are too small for her to squeeze through and go right up to the top! Hopefully the fact that they are at an angle will prevent her climbing right over the top.

Grapefruit Curd
Grapefruit Curd

One thing that will disappear quickly, and you will not mind is this grapefruit curd. It needs a fair amount of time and care to make it nice and thick, but the stirring will be so worth your while.

Grapefruit Curd Topped With Swiss Meringue
Grapefruit Curd Topped With Swiss Meringue
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Grapefruit Curd

Recipe Category: Condiments
Makes enough for: 1 batch curd
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 100 g butter
  • 125 g fructose
  • 3 eggs, lightly beaten
  • 2 grapefruit, zest and juice


  • Melt the butter over a bain-marie
  • Place the fructose and the eggs into a jug
  • Add the zest and strain in the juice
  • Whisk together until completely mixed
  • Add this mixture to the butter slowly over the heat
  • Stir continuously until thickened
  • Place into sterilized glass jars while still warm
  • Top each glass jar with a piece of parchment paper, making sure it touches the curd
  • Leave to cool completely before sealing the jars

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35 thoughts on “Grapefruit Curd

  1. My mouth is watering just looking at these pics, yum!!! 🙂 When I was growing up, our dog Tara used to escape from home and visit family friends. Back then it was funny. But today’s a different story with all the dognapping and things happening.

  2. Your grapefruit curd looks scrumptious! You know, I always think lemon pie or Key Lime pie but have never considered a grapefruit one! How fluffy and light yours looks. I think patience may be key here though, but it looks well worth it.

    And we have 2 dachshunds and it sounds like we face some of the same problems you do! Escaping is an issue. We actually left the house to go on a mini local animal safari and accidentally one of the dogs snuck out on us….one of our gracious neighbors let him back in. Good thing we don’t lock our doors! Have a lovely weekend.

    1. How wonderful that you live somewhere where you do not need to lock the doors! Our neighbour will keep the one pup when she goes to ‘visit’ 🙂

  3. Oh naughty Patch – what a worry. Thanks goodness she’s always survived her adventures 🙂 I lvoe lemon curd, so I know I’d enjoy this – looks amazing!

  4. This is a great way to use grapefruit which always seems to be prolific – if you have tree. Love the story of your pup:)Thankfully our boy doesn’t usually venture too far from his master!

  5. Your dog makes me laugh. 🙂 We have one just like that, her name is Luna, and she can’t bear being apart from us. 🙂 Love the sounds of this grapefruit curd. 🙂

  6. Boy you have one determined escape artist. My dog gets out and then sits at the front door, waiting to be let back inside. Ha
    I love this grapefruit curd. My mouth starts to water just thinking about it!

  7. So glad that Patch comes back. I know that must be very stressful. You always make such fun desserts! Love the perfectly golden brown egg whites! Delicious. Just shared!

  8. hi tandy
    what a naughty puppy! thank goodness our dogs just used to get confused if they were accidentally let out and would just hang around outside the gate. have you tried lorraine’s (not quite nigella) recipe for curd? she uses 5 egg yolks no whites and it works out really well. your grapefruit curd sounds delightful.

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