Death Of The Black Widow

Death Of The Black Widow opening lines: Could a building sweat? If someone were to ask him, Walter O’Brien would say no.

Death Of The Black Widow

My blurb:

The first day on the job, Walter O’Brien finds a young adult shackled to the basin in a grungy bathroom. There have been reports of awful screaming come from the apartment. And for all intents and purposes, it looks as if the dead man kept her captive. Little does Walter know that her touch will change the course of his life, and that he will have to go beyond the realms of normal thinking to capture her, the criminal, not the victim.

Death Of The Black Widow
You never forget your first case.
Officer Walter O’Brien is called to a murder scene on his first night with Detroit PD.
A terrified twenty-year-old has bludgeoned her attacker with skill that shocks even O’Brien’s veteran partner.
The young woman is also a brilliant escape artist. Her bold flight from police custody makes the case impossible to solve – and, for Walter, even more impossible to forget.
His fascination with the missing, grey-eyed woman approaches obsession. And when Walter discovers that he’s not alone in his search, only one thing is certain…
This deadly string to secrets didn’t begin in his home city – but he’s going to make sure it ends there.
My verdict:

Dave did not enjoy this book at all, but persevered as it was all he had to read when overseas. I could not put it down, and was riveted to each page. If you believe in the supernatural, then this book is for you. If you are a sceptic, give it a miss.

Read an extract of the James Patterson & JD Barker novel here.

Publishing information:
ISBN 9781529125481
Format Trade Paperback
Published April 2022

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this novel to review.

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