Lemon Anchovy Vinaigrette Using Colatura di Alici

Mimi blogged about Colatura di Alici, an anchovy syrup from the south of Italy. When we were in Sicily I bought a bottle, not knowing what I would do with it. Then Karen blogged a recipe for a lemon Parmesan vinaigrette and I was inspired. I made this lemon anchovy vinaigrette and it was really good. The perfect salad dressing for punchy flavours, and it worked really well with my poached fennel and roasted beetroot.

Lemon Anchovy Vinaigrette
Lemon Anchovy Vinaigrette
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After taking our suitcases off the carousel, I noticed that both of our locks had been removed. They are TSA locks and easy to open, and cost a lot more than standard locks. As there was no Safair counter in the baggage hall we could not report the broken locks. And we were in a rush to get to check in as we only had 110 minutes between landing and take-off, and time was becoming an issue. And here is where our problem became real. For some reason, Safair changed our booking code and we were shown as not having caught our initial flight. This meant Air France could not just check us in. They had to manipulate the system to allow us onward travel. For Bev and Eric this was simple as their seat class had not changed. But for Dave and I it was an hour long process.

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They had to put the paid for seats back onto our ticket, and then get us onto the flight. And then show that we were not using the paid for option. When this was nearly complete a senior staff member came out of her office to shut down the check in. She told us Safair were not a partner airline, hence our issues. And by the time we had boarding passes the conveyor belt for the luggage had been turned off. Our suitcases had to be taken by a staff member to the hold, and the four of us were escorted to the boarding gate. This meant not having to stand in a queue for security and passport control. But it also meant we could not shop in duty free. Something we had planned on doing. But, it was a relief to just be on the plane.
Lemon Anchovy Vinaigrette With Poached Fennel, Roasted Beetroot And Fritatta

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Lemon Anchovy Vinaigrette
Use this to go with vegetables that have a punchy flavour
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  • 60mls lemon juice
  • 5mls Dijon mustard
  • 2.5mls Colatura di Alici
  • 120mls olive oil *
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper to season
  1. Place the lemon juice, mustard, Colatura di Alici and oil into a mixing bowl
  2. Whisk to combine and then season to taste
  3. Serve at room temperature
My Notes
* I used the olive oil I had poached my fennel in


Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime June 7:

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18 thoughts on “Lemon Anchovy Vinaigrette Using Colatura di Alici

  1. Well the positive in this adventure was that you made it on the flight. What a mess and I sense there may well be more to come. Great sounding dressing, it would be marvelous on grilled veggies.

  2. Thanks! I’m so glad you tried it. I’d love to see what your bottle looks like. I think I used mine on pasta, and it was incredible. This vinaigrette is brilliant.

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