May 2017 Showcasing In My Kitchen

May 2017 started off fairly quietly. We came back from overseas and I eased into a new routine. I think I took the relaxing part a bit too seriously as I am still playing catch up with my blog. We are going away this month so I need to get on with things. Without further ado, let me share what is new in my kitchen.

Almond Milk

Almond Breeze sent me two samples to try out. I used the unsweetened almond milk to make chai and will keep the sweetened one for when my parents come to visit in December.

Almond Breeze Almond Milk
Almond Breeze Almond Milk

When we were in France I bought FoodSaver rolls. I have blogged about using them for sous-vide cooking here. Two rolls cost me €17.00 (R246). I have asked Mark to bring another 2 rolls for me at a cost of £15.00 (R254). These are cheaper than the Severin bags, and Ziploc bags so we are making progress.

Food Saver Rolls
Food Saver Rolls
Flavoured Vinegar

When Bev and I were killing time in the supermarket, waiting for a reply from the men about dinner she found these flavoured vinegars. I decided to buy the citrus one and I am very taken with it. So far I have used it with chicken and pork.

Flavoured Vinegar
Flavoured Vinegar
FOMO Box May 2017

I did not find this month’s FOMO box that inspiring. The gluten free pasta will be saved for my parents visit. The cookies are nice and small and perfect to go with an espresso. I am not sure why we got Christmas treats in May, or white wine in winter?

FOMO Box May 2017
FOMO Box May 2017
Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards

Even though the new kitchen has not been worked on in months I am slowly adding to new items to it. I bought these Joseph Joseph chopping boards. I won a set with knives a few years ago and my only complaint was that the knife cuts show up on the surface. These have the same issue, but the quality is far better. The old set has been placed in the cottage kitchen.

Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards May 2017
Joseph Joseph Chopping Boards

I am linking up with the In My Kitchen series hosted by Sherry. To see more posts, please visit her blog, Sherry’s Pickings.

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20 thoughts on “May 2017 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Interesting about the chopping boards-the cud were my concern so I didn’t buy them but sounds like they’ve improved!

  2. hi Tandy
    nice to see you this month. thanks for joining in. I like the look of that vinegar bottle. i am a fan of various vinegars and always have lots in my pantry- fruity ones, wine ones, Sherry ones, you name it. Almond milk is great isn’t it? so useful. Is the foodsaver rolls just for sous-vide or regular wrapping of food too? I have never tried to cook the sous-vide method. it looks tricky. see you next month! cheers.

    1. I am also a collector of vinegars. You can use the food saver rolls for any food saving. and they have a great machine as well. I use my sous vide machine a lot – very easy to use 🙂

  3. You certainly bought some great things during your overseas holiday, Tandy. When we go overseas I shop for different sweets for my fondant characters.

  4. Oh, I’ve been looking for these chopping boards, awesome. Thanks heaps! 🙂 Your kitchen has some cool stuff happening this month. I really must get on this monthly post, I noted that I have a lot of amazing stuff to share.

  5. Those Joseph Joseph chopping boards look great – need to invest in some Joseph Joseph products love the look of them! Have a fantastic weekend, Tandy!

  6. One can never have too many bottles of vinegar. I can’t believe you’ve been away and are back! I know you are because I’ve read some barge posts but doesn’t the time fly?

    Thanks for the tour. Xxx

    ps: hope you weathered the huge storm OK

    1. We personally have weathered the storm without too much incident. But sadly there were very big fires in Knysna at the same time which have been devastating. Thanks for caring xx

  7. Hi Tandy, welcome home. I love flavored vinegars as well, have found a mango one which is delicious with chicken or pork. I have been experimenting with sous vide, it is fun to have an entirely new way to cook.

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