Blueberry Pie

You might be tempted to eat this entire blueberry pie all in one go. In fact, this recipe from Lorraine is so good I have made it twice.

Blueberry Pie
Blueberry Pie
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Blueberry Pie

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Blueberry Pie

This is a great way to make use of blueberries when you have an abundance
Recipe Category: Dessert
Makes enough for: 1 pie
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Not Quite Nigella


for the pie filling

  • 700 g frozen blueberries
  • 140 g fructose, sifted
  • 35 g cornflour, sifted
  • 1 mandarin, zest only
  • 2.5 mls ground cinnamon

for the pastry

  • 365 g flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 8 g fructose
  • 225 g salted butter, cubed, plus extra for greasing
  • 60 mls fridge water

for the pie

  • 1 egg yolk, beaten


for the pie filling

  • Place the blueberries into a sieve and place the sieve over a bowl
  • Set aside to defrost completely

  • Place the fructose, cornflour, zest and cinnamon into a bowl
  • Mix to combine and set aside

for the pastry

  • Place the flour and fructose into a stand mixer with a paddle beater and beat for 10 seconds to combine
  • add the butter and beat until breadcrumbs form
  • Pour the water in and beat just until a dough forms
  • Turn out onto a lightly floured surface and gently shape into a ball
  • Wrap in cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes
  • Lightly dust your worktop and rolling pin with flour
  • Take a third of the dough and roll out to 2mm thick
  • Using your chosen pie dish as a template, cut out a circle for the top of the pie
  • Place onto a sheet of baking paper and refrigerate until needed
  • Roll the rest of the dough out into a circle, bigger than your pie dish, 2mm thick
  • Gently place the dough into a lightly greased pie dish and trim the edges, leaving a slight overhang
  • Place into the fridge while you preheat the oven to 200° Celsius
  • Dock the bottom of the pastry and blind bake for 20 minutes
  • Remove the baking beans and bake for a further 5 minutes
  • Remove from the oven and set aside to cool completely, and then trim the pastry to neaten the edges

for the pie

  • Tip your blueberries into the dry ingredients and stir gently to coat the berries
  • Pour into the prepared pastry shell, distribute evenly and remove your pastry disc from the fridge
  • Use a cutter to cut out random shapes, not too close to the edges, or each other and set them aside
  • Egg wash the edges of the pastry shell and place the dough circle on top, pressing the edges together
  • Egg wash the top of the dough and place your cut out pieces on top to make a pattern, egg washing them after you have stuck them on
  • Place into the fridge while you preheat the oven to 190° Celsius
  • Bake the pie for 60 minutes, on a baking tray in case any liquid bubbles out
  • Remove from the oven and leave to cool completely before cutting
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9 thoughts on “Blueberry Pie

  1. I cannot wait to make this pie! Blueberry and pumpkin are my 2 favorites. But I specifically like how you are using frozen blueberries for this recipe~ we try and freeze 10-20 pounds of blueberries each year for winter! My own bushes are doing well now and we picked our first harvest today~ but we ate those!

  2. If I can find frozen blueberries at Woolworths, I am going to make this, Tandy. Our finance laws help but they are not infallible. Any law is only as good as the people involved in implementing them.

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