Magic Chocolate Sauce

We went to friends for dinner and my hostess gift was two containers of ice cream. I made this magic chocolate sauce to go with the vanilla flavour, and because kids love it when it hardens.

Magic Chocolate Sauce And Spiced Caramel
Magic Chocolate Sauce And Spiced Caramel
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Last year I went to two of the races at Killarney. The one was a national event and we went to catch up with friends. The other was when Dave raced as Eric was self-isolating. Due to Covid restrictions on sport in South Africa, we could not sit in the lounge. Dave and I have been members of the VIP lounge since 2002. This allows us to watch the racing in comfort, and we get lunch and drinks as part of our membership. Last month was the first time in two years we could make use of the facilities. It was wonderful to be back at the circuit with the only requirement that we wear our masks when in public spaces. There is no need to prove you are vaccinated to do anything in South Africa, not that it would make a difference to us.

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We arrived bright and early and enjoyed breakfast. Dave then went to help friends while I watched the racing on the live streaming service. We sat with friends we had not seen for 24 months and caught up on life! And all of this in an environment where we were not masked up. It was strange in a sense when people came too close. But, we need to get back to that. Having normal interactions without fear. Fear of getting sick, fear of dying, fear of just being with people. It was liberating to feel the sense of things being back to usual. And whereas I know Covid is still out there, nearly 100% of the cases here are Omicron. And as we head towards endemic, all of these activities will once again be part of our lives, and hopefully never taken for granted again.

Magic Chocolate Sauce


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Magic Chocolate Sauce

This sets as soon as you put it onto ice cream, making for a lovely hard shell
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  • 75 g 80% dark chocolate, roughly chopped
  • 25 g coconut oil
  • 20 g maple syrup


  • Place the chocolate and coconut oil into a glass bowl
  • Microwave in 30 second bursts, whisking in between, until melted
  • Whisk in the syrup and leave to cool to room temperature
  • Pour over ice cream and watch it set!


You can store this in a glass jar and just melt as needed
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime March 18:

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11 thoughts on “Magic Chocolate Sauce

  1. This looks delicious and quite simple Tandy. Do you store yours in the refrigerator, then soften it again before putting it on the icecream. If I leave my coconut oil out of the frig its always liquid.

    1. Yup, I keep this in the fridge – but only because like you we have super hot temperatures in summer. The coconut oil I keep out of the fridge only because it is easier to work with then 🙂

  2. Terence had a positive covid test on Thursday which caused a bit of chaos as I was on the office when he received his result. I didn’t know he’d decided to go for a test so it was a shock. Michael’s test has come back negative and yet he seems sick and has a continuous cough. This sauce recipe looks yummy.

  3. I love having normal life again now! I’ve made chocolate syrup but never the kind that hardens into a shell. I remember loving that kind growing up!

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