Left Overs For The Something Savoury Challenge

This week, the challenge will be easy. You have to make a dish using ‘leftovers’. If you take part in the challenge to use left overs, please link back to my blog and let me know that you have done so in order for me to include you in the round up. As usual, there is no time limit on the challenge. Leftovers are a tricky thing in most households. I know so many people who refuse to eat ‘seconds’. These are then thrown out which contributes to so much waste. I cannot abide the concept of wastage. Dave and I have a great policy with leftovers. If they are not taken to work during the week then they are used on a Sunday night. Ordinarily we tend to make a pasta sauce. We toss everything into a pan, add flavour and seasoning and serve the sauce with pasta.

Snoek Soufflé left overs
Snoek Soufflé


Cindy opted out of using crisps in her dish, and went for something far more sophisticated in the white onion challenge.

I have two Taste of Cape Town tickets to give away. I am thinking of an interesting challenge for this so watch this space.
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14 thoughts on “Left Overs For The Something Savoury Challenge

  1. OH NO, I forgot about this weeks challenge – I hang my head in shame – so sorry!!! Hopefully I will get to making the sweet dish using a traditional savoury item soon!
    🙂 Mandy

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