Taramasalata is a Greek dip that one can expect to find on any meze platter. It is a firm favourite in our home and I have always wanted to make my own. Using the pressed cod roe I bought in England I  created a perfect tarama. Next time I will make only what we need to use that day as the shelf life is not more than a couple of weeks.

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I am in the process of gathering all the paperwork we need for our Visa application. I decided to handle Dave’s first and printed the checklist to see what order the information needs to be in. Each Schengen zone has their own requirements. I printed a copy of his passport page, and all the previous Visas we have been granted. My aim with this application is to try and get a five year Visa. We were in line for that in 2020 but the fact we did not travel that year could work against us! As I like to provide more, rather than less, information I went into our car hire booking to print off copies. While I was in Dave’s account I decided to see if we could get the car hire at a cheaper rate.

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Last August, during a Promo period we were quoted €865 for a Fiat Panda. We do not need a bigger car, but anything with less than 5 doors is not really suitable. The new quote for the same car came to €662. That was generated using his privilege club status and not any special. The saving for us in terms of Rands is huge! The R2500 we budgeted for can now be spent on more important things, like a good meal out! We also have the kids coming to join us for four nights so the extra saving will go towards that. Do you ever check to see if something you have booked can be had for less?



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This is my version of the Greek taram
Recipe Category: Canapé, Condiments, Dips, Snacks
Makes enough for: 1 batch Taramasalata
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 100 g crustless stale white bread
  • water for soaking
  • 175 g cod roe
  • 60 mls lemon juice
  • 1 clove garlic, peeled and crushed
  • 60 mls olive oil
  • freshly ground black pepper to season


  • Break the bread up and place it into a bowl
  • Cover with water and leave to soak for 5 minutes
  • Drain and squeeze out any excess water then place the bread into a blender
  • Add the roe, lemon juice and garlic and blitz to combine
  • Slowly pour the olive oil in while the blender is running until completely incorporated
  • Season to taste with black pepper and refrigerate for at least an hour to allow the flavours to develop, and the tarama to firm up
  • Store in an airtight container in the fridge for a couple of weeks at the most
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15 thoughts on “Taramasalata

  1. Absolutely love this! Actually our recipes are almost identical . . . but cod roe in Australia has become almost prohibitively expensive and hence not available everywhere as it used to be! As often it is most oft seen atop special breads for fantastic breakfasts . . .

  2. Hi Tandy, Terence does all our bookings on Bookings.com. That way we can get a refund if necessary and all the places or services are rated. I don’t eat roe, but this is an interesting recipe.

    1. They are the only accommodation portal I use, not only for the cancellation policy, but because we qualify for such great discounts.

  3. This dip looks fabulous and healthy Tandy! A true Greek dip! And yes, I have looked to see if things can be booked for less but I shouldn’t!

  4. so you brought back cod roe from the UK? Was it vacuum sealed or some such? I don’t think you could do that here. Aussie Customs are very fierce about food stuffs etc. The beagles (sniffer dogs) would be on you like a shot :=)

  5. I ‘ve never seen this type of recipe before. Looks very interesting. My husband recently called around for prices on car insurance for our two cars and saved over $500 with a very reputable firm. The broth I use is a local company. However any good tasting vegetable broth would work or even chicken broth in my recipes. That information about the Jewish community that you shared with me was very interesting. Did everyone leave the country or just that area. Just curious.

    1. A lot of people left the area I live in, to move closer to Cape Town itself. There are still a few families here, and one of our local shops is a well known Jewish owned business called Friedman and Cohen 🙂

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