Snoek Pie Made Using Up Leftovers

Snoek is a locally caught fish which exists in abundance. It is a well known Cape line fish and is available seasonally. Barracouta is the same fish but is caught in New Zealand. The sad thing is that one of the local fishmongers is selling the New Zealand fish as opposed to our locally caught snoek. In keeping with my regional, local support philosophy, I will not buy the imported version. When snoek is available we braai it. They are fairly large, and so for two of us, there is always left overs. This snoek was given to us by a friend, and we had it for a braai with a friend of ours. This left me enough leftovers to make a snoek pie.

Snoek Pie
Snoek Pie

Snoek is something I always associate with childhood visits to the Western Cape. It is seldom seen at fishmongers in Johannesburg. In times gone by, the airport shop sold smoked snoek. I am sure boxes and boxes of these were taken up to Johannesburg to be enjoyed there. This snoek pie can just as easily be made with smoked snoek. It adds another dimension of flavour to a really simple dish.

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Snoek Pie

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  • preheat the oven to 180° Celsius
  • flake the snoek and place into an oven proof dish
  • quarter the eggs and place them on top of the snoek
  • place the watercress in the gaps
  • pour over the white sauce
  • cover with the mashed potatoes
  • grate over the Parmesan cheese
  • bake for 25 minutes

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13 thoughts on “Snoek Pie Made Using Up Leftovers

  1. Only learnt last year to really make a good snoek braai.. but also really like the idea to make your pie with mash… lekkkkkaaa !

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