Pickled Garlic Recipe For Sam Woulidge

When my copy of Taste Magazine arrives, it gets opened straight away. First I check to see if a letter I have written to the editor has been published – this has happened a few times and then I turn straight to read Sam Woulidge’s column. Sam is the most amazing person I have yet to meet. She writes about her loves, her food passions and things that make her happy, sad or nostalgic. I wanted to wipe her chin when she wrote about biting into an orange, and I have cried with her as her life has experienced some down turns. I keep her hopes in my thoughts – that she will be a mum one day, and that visits are frequent to her friend in Australia. I wish her every happiness. Her words evoke so many emotions in me that I feel as if Sam and I have been friends for ever. I know someday I will have the pleasure of meeting Sam – as soon as we can get our diaries to coincide. If you have not ‘met’ Sam through the pages of Taste Magazine, do take a look at her blog, confessions of a hungry woman – Sam may not be able to cook, but she can write. In fact, I wish I could tell a story half as well as she can. Sam is my inspiration for making pickled garlic. She wrote about enjoying these gems and so I have made some for her.

Pickled Garlic
Pickled Garlic
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Pickled Garlic

Recipe Category: Preserves
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Preserve, page 104


  • 1.2 l water
  • 300 mls white wine vinegar
  • 50 g fructose
  • 5 mls salt
  • 6 heads garlic separated into cloves and peeled


  • bring the water, vinegar, fructose and salt to the boil in a pan
  • reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes
  • add the garlic to the pan and return to the boil
  • boil for one minute
  • remove the pan from the heat and allow the garlic to cool
  • transfer to sterilized glass jars and top with airtight lids
  • leave to mature in the fridge for 10 days before opening
  • can be stored, unopened for 6 months

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29 thoughts on “Pickled Garlic Recipe For Sam Woulidge

  1. She is, indeed, a wonderful writer. Very sweet of you to make her the pickled garlic. Friday greets to Dave and kisses to Molly and Patch. xxx to you, of course.

    1. I have to still get them to her! Friday greets back from Dave, and kisses and cuddles from the little pups! Kisses and wishes from me xxxx

  2. Hi Tandy, I am busy making X-Mas presents and this will be one of them 🙂 thank you for sharing (hugs)

  3. Tandy! Your incredibly kind words made me cry, (but in a good way!) Thanks for the love and generosity this morning. My cooking is progressing nicely thanks to easy recipes from friends. So I am bravely experimenting and doing more than simply stews and puddings. In fact my mom bought me some beautiful garlic, and I think I’m going to try and pickle them this weekend. Then we can do a swop. And finally meet. Lots of love x

  4. Thanks for the introduction to Sam, I’ll have to browse her blog further as she definitely sounds very interesting. I love garlic but have not every pickled it!! Looking forward to trying it out. I’ve not gotten into canning yet so this will be used after the 10 days are up!!

  5. Wow Tandy, i will have to read Sams Blog, she sounds like one amazing woman. Never had pickled garlic, but these look good will have to give it a try sometime soon. Have a great weekend.

  6. Oh i want to make pickled garlic badly, but I have to plant my garlic like a good gardener, i know i will plant half and pickle the rest.. LOVE this idea! c

    1. I planted garlic in our little house but never thought when we moved to take it with me, so I will have to look for a new plant soon 🙂

    1. I will have to look who wrote the recipe book when I get home later 🙂 I still have not tried them, so will do so at the same time 🙂

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