Orange Curd Using Whole Eggs

I love alternatives to the norm and this orange curd is one of them. I usually make lemon curd but as I had an abundance of oranges I decided to make something new. I also tried out a new recipe using melted butter and whole eggs.

Orange Curd
Orange Curd
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Orange Curd Ice Cream
Orange Curd Ice Cream

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Orange Curd

Cook this until as thick as you like your curd
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  • 100 g butter
  • 3 eggs
  • 225 g fructose
  • 2 oranges, finely grated zest and juice


  • Place the butter into a large glass bowl over a bain-marie at a medium to low temperature
  • Leave to melt while you crack the eggs into a jug
  • Lightly beat then add the fructose, zest and juice
  • Whisk to combine and gradually pour into the melted butter while you stir with a wooden spoon
  • Continue stirring until thick then remove from the heat
  • Pour into a sterilized glass jar and seal once cooled
  • Refrigerate and use as needed
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  1. I enjoy curds too Tandy and make passionfruit & Lemon curd each season. They are so versatile and a great way to extend fruit and use on cakes and in deserts. I’ll have to give this one a go 🍊🍊

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