Out Of The Maze, Dr Spencer Johnson

The story of Who Moved My Cheese? was originally created by Dr. Spencer Johnson to help him deal with a difficult time in his life. Out Of The Maze is the continuation of this self-help book.

My blurb:

If your self held beliefs are keeping you stuck in a rut, then Out Of The Maze will help you see a new perspective.

Out Of The Maze

Out Of The Maze

The long-awaited sequel to the iconic fable Who Moved My Cheese?

Who Moved My Cheese? offered millions of readers relief for an evergreen problem: unanticipated and unwelcome change. Now its long-awaited sequel digs deeper, to show how readers can adapt their beliefs and achieve better results in any field.
Johnson’s theme is that all of our accomplishments are due to our beliefs: whether we’re confident or insecure, cynical or positive, open-minded or inflexible. But it’s difficult to change your beliefs – and with them, your outcomes. Find out how Hem, Haw, and the other characters from Who Moved My Cheese?  deal with this challenge.
My verdict:

Who Moved My Cheese? has to be one of the most powerful self-help books I have ever read. The book was given to me by one of my closest and oldest friends when I visited her in Australia. It really helped me move from sweating the small stuff and provided me with a new perspective. Out Of The Maze is so much better than the first book. This will really help you move on from patterns that define you.

Publishing information:
ISBN 9781785042119
Format Hardback
Published November 2018

Disclosure: I was sent the book to review by Penguin Random House South Africa. I was not required to write a positive review. This post is in line with my blogging policy.

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15 thoughts on “Out Of The Maze, Dr Spencer Johnson

  1. Tandy, thanks so much for this review as like you “Who Moved My Cheese” was a life changing read for me as well. I’m looking forward to the sequel “Out of the Maze”.

  2. “Who moved my Cheese” was recommended to me years ago by a senior manager at the tech giant multi national corporation where I have worked for over thirty years. It was a game changer for me. So much so that I have recommended it to many friends, family members and colleagues over the years. Nothing is so sure than things change – you might as well embrace it and work with the change. I look forward to picking up the sequel – thanks Tandy!

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