Black Sesame Cookies | A Riff On Halva Cookies

Using my black sesame paste, and a recipe for halva cookies, I made these black sesame cookies. The colour is a bit odd for a treat, but the flavour and texture are amazing.

Black Sesame Cookies
Black Sesame Cookies
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Last month we must have had 5 days in total with no water. It started off one Thursday afternoon. It had been raining from the night before, and in the morning Dave commented on the run off down the side of our property. Turns out that it was a burst mains pipe and not the rain! I called the council when I got home from work and they arrived soon after to repair the pipe. This of course meant turning off our water, which was still not on by the Friday morning. As it had been cool, I did not mind the wet wipe wipe down to get clean. On the Saturday another length of the pipe burst and we managed to get our showers in on the Sunday morning very early before they turned the water off for the day. The following week we were again without water.

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But as it was only during the day while we were at work it did not impact on us. Then the following Wednesday they turned the water off to do repairs at the reservoir. On Thursday morning when we woke up the water was back on. So off Dave and I went to train. It was already quite warm by the time we were done. And a shower was very much in order. But, by then the water was off again. This time I boiled the kettle to do a hospital style clean. And hope they could sort out the issue during the day. It took them until 21h30 to get our water supply restored. And it made me very aware of just how lucky we are to have a tank for emergencies such as this. And running water that usually just arrives at the turn of a tap.

Black Sesame Cookies A Riff On Halva Cookies

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Black Sesame Cookies

These have a shortbread like texture and melt in the mouth
Recipe Category: Baking


  • 100 g softened butter
  • 85 g fructose
  • 85 g black sesame paste *
  • 2.5 mls vanilla extract
  • 150 g flour
  • 5 mls baking powder


  • Preheat the oven to 180° Celsius
  • Place the butter and fructose into a stand mixer bowl and cream until light and fluffy
  • Add the black sesame paste and vanilla and beat until smooth
  • Place the flour and baking powder into a mixing bowl and whisk to combine
  • Add the flour to the stand mixer, a few tablespoons at a time, while mixing
  • When a dough forms shape into a ball using your hands
  • Divide into 8 pieces, and shape each one into a ball
  • Place them onto a lined baking tray, leaving spaces between them to allow for spreading
  • Flatten each one with the back of a fork and then place into the oven
  • Bake for 15 minutes then remove from the oven
  • Leave to cool completely on the tray before eating


* you can use tahini instead
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime December 23:

I am on leave until the 4th of January, and have my parents visiting. I will pop into my blog when I can during the time they are here.
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  1. Hi Tandy, we have had our water cut off in the past, when Joburg was having its recent drought. It impacted me at work, but not at home as we have a borehole at home. We were obviously careful with water regardless of having a borehole, but it really made me appreciate how important water is. Much more so than electricity which we can manage without. Thanks for this cookie recipe, it looks interesting.

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