Pistachio Paste

I recently read an article titled 10 habits of the happily married (Fairlady February 2015) where couples were advised what it takes to make a marriage work and were given daily challenges. Some of these included speaking up; laughing together; being attentive; being kind; and appreciating. The daily challenge for the last one was to make a point of thanking your partner for something they did today (quoted). Every weekday morning Dave makes me coffee and brings me my mug in bed, and I thank him. Not because it is a challenge, but because I am genuinely grateful for the coffee. We always thank each other for doing what is considered part of our chores. Dave thanks me for dinner, even if he helps to make it. I think marriages work because people intrinsically include these habits, without having to be challenged to do so. And I think a marriage will not work if you genuinely don’t want to be kind and considerate towards your partner. I am always attentive in my relationships no matter who they are with. Something else that works really well for me is being attentive to recipes I am testing. In Giorgio Locatelli’s recipe book, Made In Sicily he gives a recipe for pistachio paste where he roasts the pistachios first. In my photograph you will see the roasted pistachio paste and the paste I made without roasting the pistachios. I much prefer the colour of the paste when the pistachios are not roasted, but I will leave that up to you.

Which one do you think you would prefer, and do you say thank you to your partner?

Pistachio Paste
Pistachio Paste
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Pistachio Paste

This pistachio paste will form the base for gelato!
Recipe Category: Condiments
Makes enough for: 1 batch paste
All Rights Reserved: Adapted from Giorgio Locatelli's Made In Sicily page 397


  • 200 g pistachios


  • Place the pistachios into a food processor
  • Blitz on a high speed until a paste forms


Giorgio suggests roasting them at 180 ° Celsius for 8 minutes and then chopping them and leaving them to cool before placing them into the food processor

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38 thoughts on “Pistachio Paste

  1. Visually the green coloured paste is more appealing, roasting the pistacchio might add a different taste, no?

    I am mindful in any relationship, I was brought up this way, a small thing to say thank you but it will go a long way!

  2. I think this pistachio paste looks delicious and something both my husband and dad would say thank you for! It sounds gross, but yesterday I was so thankful for my husband for cleaning up all the poop in the yard after a long, cold winter. It all froze and we had so much snow (feet and feet) at a time that it got trapped under the snow. With 2 dachshunds, it adds up quick!

  3. The green one is definitely a whole lot prettier 🙂 And yes, I always try to thank my husband. He goes to the grocery store for me all the time without complaint and I appreciate it SO much!

  4. Tandy – I loved reading this – you and Dave have such a loving relationship – being kind and considerate to one another just makes everything so much better for everyone!
    By the way, I love nut butters – but never ever had or tried to make pistachio paste or butter before – Fantastic idea!

  5. The unroasted one looks so vibrant and inviting – but imagine the roasted one has a great flavour:)

  6. 5 stars
    I prefer the color of the non-roasted, but I imagine the roasted would have a richer flavor? Yes, thank you’s are a big part of our marriage too, and keep us going on the hard days. 🙂

    1. Just being grateful can make such a difference. The flavour of the roasted one was quite toasty, rather than richer 🙂

  7. It’s so easy to take your partner forgranted and not appreciating them or verbally thanking them on a daily basis. Thank you for reminding me to make more of an effort to keep my marriage strong. xx

  8. The green is so pretty!! This is so nice! What a fun, healthy, versatile recipe! Love it Tandy!

  9. I am shocked that I never got around to actually trying out pistachios. Okay, I must try it to see if I like it then make this paste 🙂

  10. Unroasted looks super pretty, but I bet the roasted one has that gorgeous caramalised sweetness.

    And heck yes to thanking my partner, actually, we are not official yet, he is my +1. LOL. And I always thank him for being so great at that. 🙂

  11. 5 stars
    I am not a big fan of pistachios but I never tasted them roasted, so I will go for that one! 😉
    Okay, the color is not that appealing but it doesn’t bother me at all! It is all about the flavor of the food, for me! x

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