Pink Gin Cake With Citrus Tonic Water

My friend Rosey gave me a bottle of pink gin as a gift. It has a hint of berries and I knew straight away I wanted to bake with this gin. So I made a pink gin cake using lemons and citrus tonic.

Pink Gin Cake
Pink Gin Cake
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Two months ago our tenant showed an interest in purchasing our house. We had a meeting with him which led to a ridiculously low offer. This was rejected straight away, and was actually an insult. But, he was taking a chance of course that we would just give the house away. With the offer being lower than the municipal evaluation which is meant to be market related, we had to come up with a solution. The mutually agreed upon decision was that we would contact an estate agent to do an evaluation. I decided to approach two local agents and reluctantly gave my mobile number to the second one. I specifically told her that I did not want to hand my number out as I did not want to be spammed. She assured me that legally she could not hand my number on to any third parties.

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But since the day I saw her my phone has had endless short messages offering me all sorts of deals. I am sure that my number was plugged in to some data base which means there could be no end to this harassment. In South Africa we have the option of opting out. But this means a constant reply of stop to all the random messages. Hopefully soon these SMS’s will come to an end. What I did not want to come to an end was the pink gin cake. The gin did not impart any colour to the cake, but as most pink gins have unique berry flavours, I thought it matched perfectly with the lemon and citrus tonic. Do you get random messages soliciting you for deals? And if so, how do you opt out?
Pink Gin Cake

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Pink Gin Cake

Use any gin flavour you want, making sure the tonic and citrus suit the gin
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for the cake

  • 200 g softened butter
  • 175 g fructose
  • 4 eggs
  • 200 g self-raising flour sifted
  • 2.5 mls baking powder sifted
  • Finely grated zest of 1 lemon*
  • 75 mls pink gin

for the syrup

  • 30 g fructose
  • 30 mls sugar free citrus tonic water
  • 30 mls pink gin

to decorate

  • 1 lemon thinly sliced

for the glaze

  • 50 g fructose
  • Juice of 1 lemon**
  • 5 mls pink gin


for the cake

  • Preheat the oven to 180°Celsius
  • Place the butter and fructose into a stand mixer mixing bowl
  • Use a balloon whisk and whisk until light and fluffy
  • Place the eggs into a jug and whisk until slackened
  • Add them slowly into the butter while you continue whisking, scraping down the sides as needed
  • Gently fold in the flour, baking powder and zest
  • Pour in the gin and stir gently to combine
  • Pour the batter into a prepared loaf tin
  • Bake for 55 minutes

for the syrup

  • Place the fructose and tonic water into a small pan and place onto the stove on a low temperature
  • Stir until the fructose dissolves and then increase the temperature
  • Bring the syrup to a boil and leave to boil for 1 minute
  • Pour 30mls of the sugar syrup into a small mixing bowl and add the gin
  • Stir to combine and set aside
  • Add the lemon slices for the decoration to the leftover sugar syrup
  • Once the cake is baked, remove from the oven and make 10 holes using a skewer, ¾ of the way into the cake
  • Pour the gin syrup over the cake and leave to cool in the tin
  • Turn out onto a wire rack once cool, making sure the skewered holes are on top

to glaze

  • Place the fructose, lemon juice and gin into a mixing bowl
  • Stir to combine and then pour onto the cake once completely cool ***
  • Arrange the lemon slices on top of the cake
  • Leave until the glaze has set before serving


* you will use this lemon for the glaze
** the lemon you zested
*** place the cake on a wire rack over a dish to catch the excess glaze
Inspiration published on Lavender and Lime May

Dave and I are overseas in France. We will be back at work on the 6th of May. I might not be able to read any blogs while we are away so please forgive my lack of visiting back. I will reply to comments when I can. You can follow our trip by taking a look at our holiday blog.

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  1. Up this way we have strict privacy rules, so we get very little SMS spam, which is a good thing.
    Well, when I read gin in a cake my first thought was why use good gin. Then I saw it was a mere 30 mls and I was was A-OK with the concept. I love that you used some of the pink gin in the glaze.

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