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I set the challenge for this month’s I MADE IT based on two criteria. One, I had never made a sabayon before and really wanted to make it, and two, I had a lovely egg topper that needed showcasing. A sabayon is a light dessert that tickles the palate. It is traditionally made with marsala wine if you follow the Italian recipe for zabaglione. A sabayon can be served alone, or with fruit, or with any dessert that needs elevating. I served my sabayon with a Sachertorte instead of using cream. I chose to make my sabayon with a honey liqueur as I love the honey sweetness of this after dinner drink. You do not want the alcohol to overpower the light airy custard. You can substitute any liqueur you have to hand and as this is so easy to make, I am definitely going to experiment with different flavours. You want to get the lovely air bubbles to sit on the top so be patient when whisking this dessert.

what flavour sabayon would you like to try?

Honey Liqueur Sabayon
Honey Liqueur Sabayon
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Honey Liqueur Sabayon

Recipe Category: Dessert
All Rights Reserved: An original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 4 egg yolks
  • 50 g fructose
  • 200 mls honey liqueur


  • Place a small pot filled to one third with water, onto the stove on a medium heat
  • Whisk the eggs yolks and the fructose in a bowl, until they are thick and pale
  • Continue whisking while you slowly add the liqueur
  • When there is steam coming off the water, place the bowl on to the pot making sure the bottom does not touch the water
  • Whisk continuously for 8 minutes - the custard will start to thicken
  • Remove from the heat and whisk using an electric beater until the custard has cooled

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  1. Hey Tandy.. Hope you well.. This sounds light and delicious!! Last week of winter guests and then back to blog and food experiments!!

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