Tarragon Oil

Tarragon And Tarragon Oil
Tarragon And Tarragon Oil

I am a great list maker and to that end, I have a shopping list on the fridge to be added to when something needs replacing. Then there is the holiday packing checklist that gets used every time we travel. I have lists of books to buy, and mustards we have in the fridge, and whisky’s we have tasted. My next list is going to be how to get my garden in order. I have the most amazing tarragon bush and a while back, Greg asked me for as much as I could spare. I cut off as much as I could, and before I knew it, it had grown back, better and stronger than before. So the first item that went on my list was to harvest the tarragon before it died back. I dried some and thanks to Greg’s input, I made the rest into tarragon oil. It has kept it’s amazing green colour just from being stored in the fridge. You can use any herb you have an excess of, but I would suggest that you do not use olive oil for the infusion as it will add too much of its own flavour to the oil. You want to have a high speed food processor to do this with effectively. I would love to try it in a Thermomix, or something similar, to see how different the oil turns out, but given that I only have a standard kitchen food processor this is what I used. And with great success I might add.

Tarragon Oil
Tarragon Oil
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Tarragon Oil

Use any fresh herbs you have an abundance of to preserve them for off season use
Recipe Category: Condiments
Makes enough for: 1 batch oil
All Rights Reserved: an original recipe from Lavender and Lime


  • 10 g picked weight fresh tarragon
  • 100 mls canola oil


  • Blanch the tarragon leaves in simmering water and refresh in ice water
  • Drain and then pick the leaves off the stems
  • Pat dry and place into a food processor
  • Process on a high speed to break up the leaves
  • Add the oil and process until bright green
  • Place a cloth into a chinois or sieve and drain
  • Place the oil into a sterilized glass jar
  • Keep in the fridge to retain the colour


I have done the recipe in a 10g/100mls ratio which you can adjust to suit how much your herbs weigh once you have blanched them.

Click on the links for conversions and notes.

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19 thoughts on “Tarragon Oil

  1. Oh, love the colour of this Tandy – note to self, tarragon for our new garden – or should I be making a list:-)

  2. I haven’t grown tarragon for a long while. Looking forward to planting more herbs and veggies in Spring.
    Have a wonderful day Tandy.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  3. What an incredible colour! I find that cutting my herbs right back gives them a great boost and a week or so later I am rewarded with another great crop.

  4. Wow – that is a lovely color indeed! Cannot wait to see what you make using this…

  5. All about the lists myself Tandy. 🙂
    I have mixed feelings about Tarragon, the smell makes me scrunch the snoz up in disgust, but the taste makes me rub the tum and smile with glee.
    Shall pop a peg on and get too making. 🙂

  6. Hmmm. Tarragon oil didn’t work for me. Never got the bright green color and the oil barely tastes of tarragon.

    1. So sorry to hear that. Which type of tarragon did you use and what oil? Maybe I can replicate what you did. This recipe works for me everytime.

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