The Soufflé Challenge Round Up

Thank you to everyone who took part in this challenge. For some people this was the first time they had ever attempted a Soufflé. So, even if it just got you to try something new, the challenge was worth it. Click on the bloggers name to see what they did!

The challenge kicked off with Supagran and her twice baked blue cheese soufflé.

Then pretty little thing added her contribution of a white chocolate and citrus soufflé followed by another sweet soufflé from Fired-up cooking. Zabwan’s chocolate cherry soufflé was her first attempt at a soufflé.

Ardy53 could not leave Supa to be the only savoury  soufflé and added his contribution of a twice baked mushroom soufflé – another first attempt. Then Nina from My Easy Cooking added her contribution of smoked snoek and goats cheese  soufflé.

The final contributor to this challenge was PinkPolkaDot who made a chocolate soufflé. She really pushed the envelope on this one, baking something for the first time that holds no taste appeal for her – so, a big thank you from me to you for participating.

Do I have a favourite – well yes, all of them as I love soufflé’s. Is there a winner – well yes, every recipe is a winner – take a look at them the next time you need some inspiration! But first, be sure to check out my tips as they will make a huge difference to the outcome of your soufflé.


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