Cauliflower Regional And Seasonal Challenge Round Up

This is a round up of all bloggers who participated in the cauliflower challenge. Click on their names to be taken to the blog post. A big thank you for all the support. I am a huge fan of cauliflower but it has become so fashionable to eat and therefore quite expensive. As there are only two of us I kind of ignore the cost but I am not sure how the average family is dealing with this. Do you look at the price of seasonal vegetables?

Cauliflower Relish
Cauliflower Relish

Gaby posted a wonderful memory and recipe of Moroccan flavours. Leaine made fish balls with a cauliflower purée. Carey has three lovely recipes for you to chose from. Zabwan has a fantastic roasted cauliflower recipe for you. Cindy satisfied her curiosity about pork belly and made a rosti to go with it.

Late ‘entries’ to last weeks challenge came from Fired-up Cooking and will give you an idea with what to do with left over chicken. Shaz also used chicken for her pasta – but her was smoked. Cindy is doing Tandy Tuesday and this week made a salmon pasta. PinkPolkaDot is making the most of her paprika gift.

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0 thoughts on “Cauliflower Regional And Seasonal Challenge Round Up

  1. Is it just me or are you getting more ‘participants’ for the challenges?? thats great!
    I’ll post my cauliflower challenge today… yesterday was topsy turvy, only got home about 7pm…

    1. I am not getting as many participants as I would like, but I am not phased! Looking forward to your recipe – and why on earth did you get home so late?

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