Friday’s Food Quiz Number 63

Once again, here is Pink’s (nearly) weekly quiz, and my answers:

1. What is schmaltz?

commercial schmaltz may be produced from rendered chicken or goose fat. Home made schmaltz is made holsum and vegetables. 

2. What is the difference between evaporated milk and condensed milk?

evaporated milk has had most of the water removed from the milk and is therefore a dehydrated milk. condensed milk also has the water removed, but is sweetened with sugar. both are canned and stable for leaving on the shelf for many years.

"Sugar Free Condensed Milk"
Sugar Free Condensed Milk

3. What is heliculture?

snail farming

4. What does the term “papillote” refer to?

en papillote is the French term for ‘in parchment’ and refers to placing food into a piece of parchment paper, sealing it and then baking it

5. What is the difference between ham and gammon?

ham is the thigh meat of a pig, and is sold cured or cooked. gammon is the same cut of meat, but is smoked

6. What is a “foodie”?

a person knowledgeable in both food and drink

7. What is a liaison in culinary terms?

a mixture of three parts egg yolks to one part cream

8. What is the most common way to drink Japanese rice wine, sake?

usually it is served warm, in small cups, but high grade sake needs to be served chilled, or at room temperature

9. Is there a difference between schnitzel and scallopine?

a schnitzel is a breaded escalope of boneless meat. scaloppine is also an escalope of boneless meat but it is dredged with flour before cooking.

10. Is curry a dish or a spice?



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