Restaurant Blauw, Amsterdam

Dave wanted to reminisce with a rijsttafel when we were in Amsterdam and chose Restaurant Blauw as the place to do so. They combine authentic ingredients using traditional preparation methods and serve the meal tableside.

Restaurant Blauw

Restaurant Blauw

The rice table menu is designed for at least two people and there are a variety of choices. We went with Selera Blauw (€35.50 per person), which was a combination of a meat and vegetable feast. Our meal consisted of the following dishes:

  • Beef rendang
  • Beef semur
  • Lamb gulai
  • Chicken rica rica
  • Goat satay
  • Chicken satay
  • Perkedel
  • Egg kuning
  • Banana goreng
  • Gado gado
  • Sambal goreng potato
  • Serundeng
  • Cucumber acar
  • Sayur lodeh
  • Steamed rice
  • Fried rice

It really sounds like a lot, but some of them were side dishes to complement the proteins. We did not order starters, and had no space for dessert and left feeling well satisfied. In hindsight we should have had lunch earlier than we did. I also would love to recreate this experience at home as it was so enjoyable.

Selera Blauw

7 Rempah Blauw Gin

Rempah means spices, and this gin is made with 7 of them. The flavours of Sereh (Lemongrass), Juniper, Ketumbar (Coriander), Cengkeh (Cloves), Daun jeruk (Lime leaf), Daun pandan (Pandan leaf) and Cabe rawit (Rawit pepper) is a unique blend. Designed by Restaurant Blauw is goes extremely well with their Indonesian food. Dave and I had one each, served with elderflower tonic, kunyit, star anise and lemon.

7 Rempah Blauw Gin

Worth the visit

If you find yourself in either Amsterdam or Utrecht, I can highly recommend that you enjoy a rijsttafel. Be prepared to take your time and enjoy every morsel. And make the most of the evening by relaxing and leaving space for starters and desserts. Public transport is fantastic in Amsterdam and the Restaurant is on the tram route. Take Tram number 2 to Amstelveenseweg. Booking is essential!

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  1. I would love to be back in Amsterdam! I can’t remember the last time I had Rijsttafel

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