Table Etiquette and Manners

When  I want to know something, I turn to my trust Larousse and read what it has to say. I have dropped my Larousse on my foot and needless to say, my foot came off second best, with a broken bone and a bruise of note. Dave was grateful I did not damage the Larousse and so was I of course. Side View posted a challenge last week on Manners and I knew this is what I wanted to post, a lesson from the book.

Table etiquette and manners refers to a set of rules that govern the serving and eating of a meal; the strictness with which they are adhered to depends on the degree of formality of the meal, lunch generally being rather less formal than dinner. Brillat-Savarin said: “To invite someone to one’s table is to assume responsibility for his happiness during the time he is under your roof.” The guests enjoyment will be increased if a tasteful arrangement of the table and a flawless service are added to the good quality of the food.

I will revisit this theme but for now, I think the people who host Come Dine With Me meals should pay attention!


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