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I was lucky enough to win a place to be a part of last year’s 100 women 100 wine. This event, organized by Clare of Spill, is to determine the top 100 wines in various categories. The event was sponsored by Ultra Liquors and held at the Table Bay Hotel. Not knowing what to expect I thought about booking into the hotel for the night, but the cost was prohibitive. However, we did not have to taste 100 wines and I ended up tasting 17 wines in the Ultra Special Wines category. The wines were divided into 10 categories with 10 women tasting each category. The categories were as follows:

  • Long Lunch
  • Celebration (I have to admit to tasting a few of these as I was very intrigued by some of the offerings)
  • Girls Night Out
  • The Boss is Coming for Supper
  • Party Wines
  • After a Long Day’s Work
  • Best Braai Wines
  • Sunny Day Wines
  • It’s Cold Outside
  • Ultra Special Wines
"100 Women 100 Wine"
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As 80% of wine is purchased by women, this is the perfect way to get a fair judgement of which wines should be showcased in stores. Each woman was given 10 stickers and after tasting the wines in our category we had to place a sticker on the 10 wines we thought were the best. I sipped on my wines as I really did not want to drive home too much under the influence. As a side note, I would suggest a once off service from Good Fellas for an event of this nature. 

These were the top ten wines in the category that I tasted:

1.Steenberg H.M.S. Sphynx Chardonnay.

2.Bouchard Finlayson Sauvignon Blanc 2011.

3. Cederberg Bukettraube 2012.

4. Cederberg Merlot Shiraz 2009.

5. Klein Constantia Cabernet Sauvignon 2010.

6. Chamonix Rouge 2010.

7. Glen Carlou Chardonnay 2009.

8. Amani I am 1 2008.

9. Haskell 11 2009.

10. Groot Constantia Rood 2010.

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    1. BAM, there was no food during the tasting! I didn’t have anything to drink afterwards either as I had a long drive home.

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