Anchovy, Caper And Garlic Challenge Round Up

Gaby was the first person to post a recipe for this week’s Anchovy, Caper And Garlic Challenge.  Her Salad Nicoise was the winner in her battle to decide between Steak Tartare and the salad. Jan however decided that the ingredients were perfect for Steak Tartare and you have to be ready to man up and enjoy this. Ally was doing a theme for the week on herbs and so she took the ingredients and added them to herbs to make a salsa verde. Roy made one of my favourites, puttenesca sauce.  He has a lovely story to go with the recipe. I made olive tapenade which is so easy to make. In fact, given how easy it is to make I am not sure why I don’t do so more often. I think I also need to make tartare the next time Dave goes away. It is not his favourite dish at all and so I only get to enjoy it when we eat out. These ingredients also work perfectly to make a chicken casserole and would be perfect in a lamb dish. They can also be added to pasta for an easy meal.

Olive Tapenade for the Anchovy, Caper And Garlic Challenge
Olive Tapenade

Thanks again to all who participated.

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