April 2023 Showcasing In My Kitchen

In April 2023 my parents flew down from Johannesburg to spend the Easter weekend with us. I cooked for a small dinner party with friends on the Friday night. And made an elaborate brunch for a family get-together on the Sunday. We ate lunch out on the Saturday and Monday so I did not have to cook on either of those days. The rest of the month was spent seeing friends and catching up on things around the house.

In my kitchen in April 2023

For snacking there were savoury roasted nuts and Easter egg toffee. I have suddenly lost my sweet tooth, and the nuts have been my favourite snack for in the car. My sourdough bread making is coming to an end for winter. This month I made a mixed flour sourdough. For dinner with friends I made tattie scones and galaktoboureko. For those of you who have not heard of it, galaktoboureko is a Greek dessert and is divine! In anticipation of a recipe coming this month I made rocket and basil pesto as well as a felafel spice blend.

Two new things in my kitchen

I needed a small offset palette knife and could only find a set of two. The small one has been amazing to smooth out the top of baking goodies, such as the toffee I made. And the larger one has been used for fish. This is something I wish I had bought sooner as they are a nifty kitchen tool.

Offset Palette Knives April 2023
Offset Palette Knives

This is my May submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.

As you sit down to read this, we will have landed in Naples, Italy. Mark and Eva are joining us later and I cannot wait for ‘child’ hugs. I will not be replying to comments or reading blog posts until the 16th of May. You can follow our trip by taking a look at our holiday blog.

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8 thoughts on “April 2023 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. I love a good palette knife; I have a few and use them often. Thanks for joining in this month, and have a great trip away! Cauli bites! YUm.

  2. Interesting that you found it hard to buy a spatula of that type — our favorite hardware store has quite a few of them both in metal and non-stick material. They are definitely useful! Have a good vacation.

    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

    1. I wanted a small one and I could have got one in an art supply shop, but not the exact one I wanted. But our hardware stores don’t sell that type of stuff in South Africa.

  3. Oh yum! You had me at Easter egg toffee. I love a good palette knife situation, I especially find the little one super handy. Have fun in Naples!

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