August 2022 Showcasing In My Kitchen

August 2022 was an incredibly tough month for us. Our beloved Boxer dog had a suspected brain tumour which resulted in a behavioural change. She attacked our Jack Russell and due to her age and the severity of the attack we decided to put her down. Molly had been with us since 2011 when we rescued her at about 6 months of age. Four days later we had to put Scarlett down as well. She was born on Dave’s mum’s birthday in 2015 and since she was a week old she has been a part of my heart. On the Monday evening she attacked the puppy, and even though Holly was not badly hurt, we could not risk further attacks.

Lots of sweet treats

There was a lot of baking this month as it was International Scone Week. And anything sweet makes life seem a little better. I baked cocoa cookies and a condensed milk cake. Made date scones and Sunday scones. And we had blueberry mousse for dessert one night.

Comfort food

Loving my Berbere spice blend so much, I have made Berbere spiced chicken three times. The roast carrot salad was served twice as I enjoyed the flavours. And then there were Asian style venison shanks to warm the soul. And last but not least, I made some cheese scones.

One new thing in August 2022

A friend of mine gifted me this very pretty olive oil jug. It sits on the kitchen counter next to my stove. I am using the oil as a finishing oil rather than for anything mundane. The jar is numbered as they were limited editions. And once I have finished the oil I will top it up with a flavoured olive oil.

Olive Oil Jug August 2022
Olive Oil Jug

This is my September submission to the #IMK series hosted by Sherry. Each month bloggers around the world gather to share what is new in their kitchens.

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30 thoughts on “August 2022 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. Hi Tandy, So very sorry to hear about your dogs. It must have been a real sad time for you.

    As for your recipes, they always sound delicious and remind me of the happy days spent in my kitchen years ago. With three lads who had hollow legs and one, ever-hungry husband, it was hard work, while a pleasure to watch them gobble it all up…I’m now lucky enough to be 90 and my dear husband does the cooking, while I read and write a lot…(and eat his pleasing culinary delights!) He made my fav. fish cakes recently and makes a mean Thai chicken. He’s 94 by the way! I’ve just finished writing my 10th book (nine published) The Dobrowski Portrait and am searching for a ‘main-stream’ publisher as I’m not technically-minded! Hey ho.
    Keep on cooking! Love and peace. Joy xx

  2. That is so sad. We’ve got one very senile who attacks my husband. Which is odd because he was always my husband’s dog. It’s so hard to deal with their short lives.

  3. That’s very sad about your dogs. I’m sure it’s very unsettling for you to experience, and I hope you will find peace when time passes.

    best… mae at

  4. Tandy, how traumatic it has been for you all and even harder when you have to make painful decisions regarding much love dogs. Hopefully the joyful memories will ease the sorrow.

    On a brighter note, beautiful olive oil jar and yes I would be keeping it too.

  5. Oh Tandy, I send you much love and sympathy about your dgs. They are family members and it’s so hard to lose them. Your circumstances make it particularly trying.

    All of your baked goods and savory meals look very appealing. Thanks for your comment on my blog. xx

  6. Tandy I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your beloved dogs. My heart really goes out to you. After losing our Border Collie Locky last year I have a whole new understanding of how difficult it is to recover from the experience. I hope you are finding your puppy is bringing much joy though. Love the olive oil jug, what a special gift. Take care, and I hope you can take a little holiday soon.

  7. that is a gorgeous oil jug tandy. sounds like you did lots of comforting baking. so so sorry to hear about your dogs. heartbreaking for you. Our last dog died some years ago and i am so tempted to get another but hubby isn’t keen. must work on him … 🙂 sending hugs. And thanks for joining in this month! Appreciate it!

  8. Tandy,
    What a shock and how scary it must have been to have a perfectly lovely pet become vicious. So sad and sorry for your losses. Your baking looks delicious especially the blueberry mousse and the cake! Hope you have a good week.

  9. i love that olive oil jug tandy. and i am so sorry about your dogs. it’s really heartbreaking when they die. it’s like losing a limb. Looks like some lovely baking was happening in your house. I hope september is a good month for you. This past 12 months has been pretty rotten for me so I’m hoping like mad it gets better soon. thanks for being a huge part of IMK. cheers Sherry x

  10. Oh Tandy, I am so sorry. It is so heartbreaking to lose a beloved pet. It leaves such a hole in your heart. I hope the puppy can fill it a little, they have such joy and are so funny. It’s almost like having a toddler again, watching them explore their world. I imagine the olive oil jug looks amazing on your kitchen counter.

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