February 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

In My Kitchen February 2012

The lovely Celia who blogs over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, makes sure each month I share my kitchen with you! It is a great way for me to keep track of just how much I buy 🙂 In February 2012 there was a fair bit!

But first, here are green beans from my garden. If it were not for Celia, I would not have planted these. But I got garden envy from all the lovely things she is growing and I decided to stop waiting for the house to be finished and get planting.

green beans In My Kitchen February 2012
green beans

Dave moved my LG light oven by putting in a suspended shelf. It is a bit high for me, but the gain in counter top space is worth having to stand on my tippy toes to work the dial.

lg oven on shelf suspended from ceiling In My Kitchen February 2012
lg oven on shelf suspended from ceiling

So now I have moved my Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer to under the oven, next to my kettle and toaster (note Celia – we love Breville appliances in our home)

my kitchen counter In My Kitchen February 2012
my kitchen counter

Dave’s espresso machine has been moved to where the Kitchen Aid was giving me a bit more space and, I can easily use the machine as it is at a better level for me.

espesso machine In My Kitchen February 2012
espresso machine

For my birthday in July I got a blue Le Creuset spoon. As my kitchen is red, I kept it aside until I could get it swapped out.

le creuset spoon In My Kitchen February 2012
le creuset spoon

I love cookie cutters and I use them often for making ravioli. Here are my new heart shaped ones:

heart shape cookie cutters
heart shape cookie cutters

in my fridge you will find the unusual ingredient of fresh milk – used to make lots of ice cream over December and January holidays.

in my fridge
in my fridge

I found this lovely proverb which is so apt, as we eat a lot of fish.

January's saying
January’s saying

Wishing you all an amazing February 🙂
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40 thoughts on “February 2012 Showcasing In My Kitchen

  1. what a lovely kitchen with wonderful gadgets. And those beans, crikey they are marvelous. I daren’t show hubby or he will be greener than ever, he battles with is veggie growing

  2. I love the proverb Tandy! Thank you for always playing! And I’m so happy to see your beans! Ours have been prolific, although the wet weather is starting to affect them now. We’re still eating them almost daily!

    Your appliances are so shiny and silver – ours get quite grotty from fingerprints, and I’m not a very good polisher. Oooh, and my next post is a recipe to use exactly those cookie cutters.. 🙂

    1. the I will hold off on my post as I have one ready to go as well 🙂 I have just taken out the last of the beans and today I have given the gardener seeds to plant. My pot tomatoes are flowering finally. I am blessed to have a full time domestic goddess and so keeps the house looking amazing. Have a great day!

    1. It is an multi purpose oven – convection + microwave + halogen lights for speed cooking + grill. Basically an all in one. It is an LG Solar Dome Light Oven and as I am so in love with it, we are getting the BIG one for the house 🙂

        1. It is – I was nearly in tears when the motor went as Dave was not sure it could be replaced – but thankfully it could and all for under $20!

  3. I just LOVE these items. Of course I love your red kitchen aid.. I have a white one but still love yours :). And I love that espresso machine. I don’t drink coffee, but I did drink espresso once and it kept me awake for 6 extra hours. Needless to say I won’t be drinking that again before bed LOL.

  4. What an incredible post Tandy – you have so many incredibly beautiful things in your kitchen!
    Fresh milk is the one thing that is always in my fridge – usually buy the 3 litre bottle from Woolies.
    Awesome Proverb.
    🙂 Mandy

  5. Hi Tandy-
    Your kitchen is always so organized- I love it- but would probably not be able to get anything done. I love seeing all the wonderful gadgets- and your fridge! I would never allow a picture of mine to go online! You are amazing.
    And your greenbeans are making me wish for summer.
    Thanks for the quick tour!

  6. You have a beautiful fridge interior! Just last night I had to delve into the depths of mine to resurrect a fallen shelf – maybe time for a clean out ?!?! Thanks for letting me peek into your kitchen 🙂

  7. I love the contrast of high-tech gagets with unfinished cupboards, Tandy, reminds me of when we were re-doing our kitchen 🙂 Thanks for the peek into what has to be one of the most orderly kitchens in the country! xx

    1. Thanks Linda – my next project for this kitchen is a new drawer system as the ‘opne plan’ one is driving me scatty 🙂

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