Food Quiz Number 18 For A Friday

Here are my answers to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 18 set by my friend Zirkie who blogs at PinkPolkaDotFood.

I am in Scotland and will return to South Africa on the 8th of May – I will reply to blog comments then. This quiz post has been scheduled in advance.

1. Where did the yule log originate from?


2. What is abalone?

an edible sea mollusc commonly known in South Africa as Perlemoen.  

3. What is TVP?

textured vegetable protein = soya 

4. What is the difference between a velouté and a béchamel sauce?

a veloute is a sauce made from a stock which has been thickened with a roux. A bechamel sauce is made up of warm milk added to a roux 

Sweetcorn And Basil Velouté in answer to Friday’s Food Quiz Number 18
Sweetcorn And Basil Velouté

5. Which bone is specifically used in flavouring soups?

I use shin, but I would guess that Marrow bones is a better answer 

6. What would you be eating if you ordered tori udon in a Japanese Restaurant?

we had udon noodles for supper last night, but have no idea what tori is. 

7. Is Feta a matured cheese?


8. What is so special about Darjeeling tea?

it is a tea grown in a specific area same as Champagne can only be grown in Champagne and Port comes from Portugal 

9. What is another name for the tree tomato?


10. Why is it advisable not to boil gelatine?

it will destroy the setting ability of the gelatine 

11. Which pastry cream, flavoured with ground almonds, is used to fill or top pastries and cakes?


12. Besides giving a professional finish, what else does a glaze do to a fruit flan?

seals it

13. What is another name for a hero sandwich?

a submarine

14. What is a kipper?

a herring that has been salted and smoked and eaten for breakfast!

15. What do we call Italian potato and semolina dumplings?


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