Friday’s Food Quiz Number 28

Over on food24 PinkPolkaDot posted a food quiz! If you would like to participate please let her know on her blog, please do not google the questions to get the answers!

1. What does the term “tempering” mean, when referring to chocolate?
it is when you cool the chocolate down to a workable temperature
2. Why should salt not be added when making stock?
as the stock reduces, the natural salts of the vegetables is released, making the stock salty
3. What is passata?
tomato puree
4. Which celebrity chef used to be a soccer player?
Gordon Ramsay
5. What is the term for removing an outer skin with a knife?
6. What is the advantage of using a tall narrow flute glass for sparkling wine?
the bubbles do not escape
7. What variety of fruit is the greengage?
8. Name the cylindrical ‘tube’ of sushi made using a bamboo mat to roll nori around rice and various fillings.
if the nori is on the outside it is called maki.
9. What are McIntosh, Golden Delicious, Empire, and Granny Smith?
10. Give the name of the yoghurt-based salad that is served as a cooling accompaniment to hot curries?

This was a good week for me – I knew all the answers I have given without looking at my book. I did however go upstairs to see what sport Anthony W-T played, but as his sport was rugby, I am guessing The F Word played soccer (it is supposed to be a hooligan sport so maybe that is where he learned to swear!)


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