Friday’s Food Quiz Number 30

PinkPolkaDot has posted a new quiz on food24 – if you would like to do it, please let her know – please do not google the questions in order to get the answers!

1. What is the main spice in Goulash and from which country did it originate?

Goulash is a rich meat stew of Hungarian origin that contains beef or veal and onions and is seasoned with paprika. It is served topped with chopped parsley and accompanied by sour cream.

2. What is Chaat and from which country did it originate?

Chaat are savoury snacks from the Gugurati region of India.

3. Where do they use dried cod in some traditional dishes?

Norway, Iceland, Canada (and the west coast of South Africa = bokkoms)

4. What is the main ingredient in Borscht and from which country did it originate?

Borscht is a beet soup, originally from Eastern Europe. It became popular in France in the 1920’s. Served hot or chilled, traditionally it is topped with sour cream.

5. What is Gazpacho and from which country did it originate?

Gazpacho is a spicy chilled soup of Spanish origin. Gazpacho varies from region to region, but usually contains ripe red tomatoes, red peppers, cucumber, olive oil and bread crumbs or garlic croutons.

6. What is the main ingredients in Breyani and in which country is this a traditional dish?

Biryani is a Mogol dish from India consisting of layers of rice pilaf and spicy lamb or chicken.

7. What are the main ingredients in Tzatziki and from which country did it originate?

Tzatziki is a tangy yoghurt and cucumber dip of Greek origin. It is served as finger food or a first course with toasted pieces of flat bread or fresh vegetables; as a salad dressing; or as an accompaniment to fried or grilled fish or barbecued meat.

8. Who is famous for their Risjtafel, and which country influenced this?

The Rijstaffel is best knows as a Dutch meal consisting of many side dishes. It’s influence is from Indonesia.

9. Coronation chicken was created for a special occasion. What occasion was this?

The coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953.

10. What is Rogan Josh?

It is a lamb curry made with aromatic spices. It evolved from Kashmiri roots and was one of the earliest curries to achieve mainstream popularity on British High Streets.


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