Bake A Savoury Tart Challenge

Challenge To Bake A Savoury Tart

I bake something sweet every week – dessert being a stable part of our diet. This week for the challenge I baked two sweet tarts. But, tarts can be just as good if savoury! It just means that a meal starts with a tart 🙂  This week’s challenge is to bake a savoury tart. Post your recipe on your blog and then pop in to let me know you have done so. The challenge ends at midnight on Sunday 27th of June. Take a look here on Monday to see who participated in the bake a sweet tart challenge, which ends at midnight on the 20th of June.

Challenge To Bake A Savoury Tart

Tomato And Aubergine Tart

For this challenge I think my tomato and aubergine tart is perfect. It is great for winter when the vegetables are in season. As we have fairly warm days you can serve this cold as part of a brunch selection. I like to have these lazy meals focus more on the savoury dishes and anything egg based is great in my opinion. Sweetness can be added in the form of fruit, home made toasted muesli and jams. It is also a good idea to serve a variety of baked pastries.

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