Dark Horse, Gregg Hurwitz

Dark Horse opening lines: Some men speak of angels and devils. Some talk about their emotions or unbidden urges.

Dark Horse

My blurb:

Evan Smoak will always help the innocent, but he will not aid criminals. That is on his list of rules. But the rules are being broken and in order to save Anjelina, he must work for her father. A man whose business is not in line with Evan’s moral compass. He puts his life at risk to infiltrate a cartel, and in doing so realizes that the truth is not always as it seems.

Dark Horse
Having just survived an attack on his life Evan Smoak isn’t interested in a new mission.
But one finds him anyway.
Aragon Urrea is a major drug-dealing kingpin in South Texas. But he’s also a local patron – providing legitimate employment, and a future to a people with little hope.
However, for all his money and power, when a vicious cartel kidnaps his daughter he is helpless.
Not only must Evan break into the fortress of a heavily armed, deeply paranoid cartel leader – he must decide if he should help a very bad man, no matter how just the cause.
Read an extract of Dark Horse here.
My verdict:

I will not miss an Orphan X book! They are great stand alone novels, but to get the best sense of Evan, you need to read them from the beginning. A highly recommended novel if you are looking for something fast paced to read.

Publishing information:
ISBN 9780241402887
Format Trade Paperback
Published March 2022

Penguin Random House South Africa sent me this novel to review.

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  1. Have read every one of this series in order and wouldn’t miss a new one! A favourite.

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