Friday’s Food Quiz Number 43

PinkPolkaDot has posted the first quiz of the year – here are my answers:

1. What are goujons?

They are pieces of chicken or fish which are cut into strips, breaded and then deep fried

2. What is Spirulina?

blue green algae taken in tablet form as a diet supplement (when I was on this I lost lots of weight)

3. Which berries contain the highest antioxidant level of any food?

I am going to guess the blueberry

4. What does “folding in” mean when described to mix ingredients?

mixing in gently using a cutting and folding method to ensure the ingredients do not lose aeration

5. What type of foods can lower cholesterol?

foods that are hypolipidemic

6. What are the two main ingredients of Lamingtons?

sponge cake with a chocolate icing and desiccated coconut covering

7. What magic ingredient does tomatoes contain that helps protect men against prostate cancer and protect everyone against heart disease.

lycopene (and this increases with cooking)

8. What colour grapes are used to produce red wine? What colour grapes are used to produce white wine?

Purple / black grapes produce red wine. White wine can be produced from green / purple / black grapes as it is the skin that gives wine the colour, not the grape itself

9. Which nut has the highest fat content?

guess work again! Brazil nuts?

10. A ploughman’s platter or filling originated from which country?

United Kingdom


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