Friday’s Food Quiz Number 69

I have been doing PinkPolkaDot’s quizzes since close to the beginning and as most of you are aware, I have been reposting them on this blog from my original blog. Last Friday, Pink posted a new quiz and so I am doing it today. We have been away for the weekend at a family wedding – I have started catching up on replying to comments on my blog, and I have 45 blog posts to read. I am using my BlackBerry PlayBook to read blog posts on. I am not a big fan of advertising, but for those of you who want to know, I downloaded an app called FeedWheel and it is a great RSS reader. I do not need to be online to read blogs, but due to how many I am playing catch up with, please all understand that LIKE means I have really read the post. I will go back to commenting when I have some time. Time today is also not on my side. My staff live in an area which has been blockaded due to protest action. The police have closed off Sir Lowry’s Pass and the entire community of Grabouw is being affected by a handful of people. Now, for the quiz (the original post is here and please feel free to take part in the quiz)

1. What tree gives us prunes?

The plum tree

2. What drupaceous fruit were Hawaiian women once forbidden by law to eat?

Purely guess work here, but I would say coconut

3. What is Tapenade?

It is a dish of finely chopped olives, capers and anchovies, mixed with olive oil

"Olive Tapenade"
Olive Tapenade

4. What are the main ingredients of Alfredo sauce?

Fettucine, Parmesan cheese and butter

5. What is the difference between Oregano and Marjoram?

Oregano is a common herb and marjoram is the wild equivalent

6. What is the Amla herb and how is it used?

The only Amla I know (other than our two cricket players) is the Indian gooseberry which is used in a pickle.

7. What do you use to make Wasabi?

The root of the wasabi

8. What is the difference between a compote and a coulis?

A compote is a dessert made of fresh fruit pieces, stewed in a sugar syrup. A coulis is a sauce made of pureéd fruit (or vegetables) which is strained before serving as an accompaniment

9. What is Alfajores and where did it originate from?

A Spanish confectionery that originated in Medina

10. What is “pão” (pãozinho)?


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  2. Hola, Tandy, hope you had a good day after all….I’m one week late reading blogs, sorry…..I like the quiz number 10, “pãozinho”, in Brazil we use the expression “ZINHO” for lots of words, its a short term in the end of the word to express kindly and affection like, “bonitinho” – beautiful, Bebezinho – little baby, etc. 🙂

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